Redemption of Sisyphus

Shan Takhu Legacy: Book Three

Trapped between war and redemption.

Six months ago Jephora Cochrane was Commander of an ice prospecting mission, now he’s governor of the newest colony in the solar system. A colony that’s become the front line in a war for the future of the Human Union.

Struggling to understand the technology left behind by the ancient Shan Takhu, Cochrane and the residents of Gateway Colony must first defeat the warships of a merciless cybernetic entity known as Odysseus. It will stop at nothing to control the power of the alien structure they’ve discovered, including destroying it.

With no choices left, they have to keep Odysseus from burying the key to the future of humanity back into the ice from which it came.

When all of civilization hangs in the balance, only a handful have the strength to protect it.

Grab Redemption of Sisyphus, and learn what happens when we discover that we are not alone in the universe.


$3.99 Kindle / $13.95 Paperback



“One of the highlights of my reading year so far has been the Shan Takhu Legacy series … So does the finale live up to its predecessors? It absolutely does, bringing a slam dunk of a finale to the series yet still offering the tantalizing promise of something more in future.” – Stephen Hunt, Author/Publisher


“Eric Michael Craig concludes this trilogy masterfully, in a breathtaking final battle where every side has everything to lose and fights for survival. I enjoyed the whole trilogy and I recommend it to all readers who like first contact stories and bumpy rides.” Keyla Damear, Author


“… a grimly prophetic thrill ride peppered with seat-of-your-pants zero-G skirmishes and dark discoveries. Redemption of Sisyphus is a multi-fronted three-dimensional chess match against a malignant artificial intelligence… The final chapter of this series kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.” – Leland Lydecker, Author: Necrotic City


“There are so many layers of character motivations and your empathy gets tugged in strange directions along the way. Craig has a certain talent for twisting your stomach into knots… In the end, the Shan Takhu Legacy coalesces in a very satisfying and jaw-dropping conclusion.” – Zachry Wheeler, Author: The Immortal Wake


Author Comments


When I wrote this book, I was firmly entrenched in the events of the world I had created. So much so, that I even spent nights dreaming about how the characters would deal with the cards they’d been dealt. The story had to end where it did, and obviously from the reaction of my readers, there’s pretty much a consensus that the ending was exactly on the mark.


I love hearing that kind of thing since it tells me that I did my part right.


In this book, I wasn’t trying to emulate the story telling style of another author, although often I hear that my story compares favorably to The Expanse novels (James S. A. Corey AKA: Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck). Since it is set at about the same point in the future, I guess that is an inevitable comparison. Now, if only I had a TV deal to match.


Although I ended the story where I did, there was a lot of universe left to explore (figuratively and literally). Feel free to reach out and ask any questions that you think might be unanswered, or dive into the Wings of Earth stories. They are set 125 years after the end of Redemption of Sisyphus and cover life during the next great expansion of the human dream… such as it is.


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