Ghost in the Dark

Wings of Earth: Six

Nobody can go it alone.

Especially living on the other side.

After Captain Ethan Walker captures a seat on the Commonwealth’s Council of Captains, he needs allies. He soon discovers what it means to have enemies on both sides of the law. Digging into an ancient alien archive, he and his crew make repairs and upgrades to the Olympus Dawn. Unfortunately, there’s only so much they can do on their own.

Walker sets out to recruit a scientist with the extraordinary gifts necessary to access the ancient technology. When he attracts unwanted attention, he ends up having to rescue a whole community of genetically augmented humans from the attacks of Red Wall fanatics.

To help them escape, Captain Walker and his crew must push their ship beyond all rational possibility of hope in as they fight to survive.

In the end he will discover the exact cost of having friends, even as he realizes that there are forces in the Coalition infinitely more ruthless than anything he has faced before.


$3.99 Kindle / $12.95 Paperback


Author Comments


When I started into planning the stories for Wings of Earth and realized that the overarching backstory would take a lot of time to develop fully, I decided to break the series into three groups of five novels. Since the concept of a TV season is something that everyone understands, I went with that idea.


So now, Season One is logged and loaded, and Season Two begins to move us into the real core of the situation that’s been plaguing Ethan Walker’s life since the disappearance of Starlight Colony. I know that the characters I created will deepen with each new tale, but I also found the idea of organizing Wings of Earth into seasons really helped me to control the plot points and hold the adventure tightly on track.


After all, writers of any successful TV series have to keep the episodes interesting, and the story moving along at a crisp pace … The truth is, good story telling is an art, and a science, regardless of the medium.


Without giving too much away about the first season, it’s safe to say that our heroes are a long way from where they started, both physically and emotionally. Things have changed and they spent a lot of time getting their feet on the ground in the new reality of their universe. A year has passed for them, and in that time everything they knew about what was real in the Coalition is out the airlock.


They’ve also added some new tools to their kit, including a pretty serious upgrade to the Olympus Dawn (as you can see from the cover of Ghost in the Dark). But there’s a lot that hasn’t yet come together as they head into their next challenges. They’re hopeful that the New Dawn will give them an advantage when they get back into the black, but like any other experimental technology, it’s still got some bugs to work out.


Of course, nothing ever comes easy for Ethan Walker, even when he just wants to try to get back to work.


In Season Two, I also add some new supporting characters to the mix, and introduce a new enemy far more sinister than the pirates and terrorists they’ve faced before. (I really enjoy creating bad guys who are motivated by something deeper than simply what you see on the superficial layers and I think this one qualifies … but no spoilers).


So the new Master of Mayhem has a secret … Let me know if you figure it out.

As a quick side note: If there’s an interest, I might write some blog entries on the science of Wings of Earth. If anyone wants to know what’s under the hood of the Dawn, I’ve invested a lot of time creating the technologies to make things work believably in this universe, and I’d be willing to share my thoughts. Shoot me a a question or comment and we can kick it around.


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