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Book Eight: Fastest Track

Never hit a political target.

Even Pirates have limits.

Falsely accused of destroying an Institute science vessel, Captain Ethan Walker discovers the attack might be covering something far more sinister. The assassination of one of the Coalition’s most beloved citizens.

Chancellor Chei Lu.

The Commonwealth of Pirates has rules against killing a political icon. Racing to prove his innocence, Ethan must uncover the truth before the Council of Captains demands he pay for his actions.

Fighting to clear his name of murder, Captain Walker and his crew, head to a lawless freeport on the edge of rival pirate territory, only to discover the chancellor may not be dead. With no other option, they must attempt the impossible, and rescue Chancellor Lu.

If they fail, Walker will lose his position in the only group that can give him protection against the Coalition.

But, if they succeed, it will catapult the Commonwealth into a civil war.

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Captain Ethan Walker tries to do the right thing, even when it might cost him everything. He doesn’t want to be a hero, but something keeps spinning his routine cargo missions into dangerous trouble.

The further from home we travel, the darker the universe becomes.

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Eric Michael Craig is a harder-edge Science Fiction writer living in the Manzano Mountains of New Mexico. Before becoming a writer, he was Director of Research for a private consulting laboratory in Phoenix. When not writing, Eric is involved in Intentional Community Design, plays guitar and bass, and occasionally dabbles in art of various forms.

He also owns way too many dogs… and is often seen fighting heroically against mountains of dog-hair.

You can connect with Eric through his Facebook group here.


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