Legacy of Pandora

Shan Takhu Legacy: Book One

Alone beyond the edge of Civilization.

A routine exploration mission explodes into chaos 2.8 billion miles from home and throws Commander Jephora Cochrane and the crew of the prospector ship Jakob Waltz into a crisis that will test their experience to the limit.

After a puzzling message from Fleet Chancellor Roja adds to the confusion, Cochrane isn’t sure who he can trust. Yet somehow, regardless of their hidden secrets, he must push his crew to new levels to save their ship.

Together they make a discovery that will alter the course of history. A secret, buried at the edge of the solar system, which is the key to changing everything.

But only if Humanity can survive until the truth gets out.

Get Legacy of Pandora and unlock a half billion year old mystery that will shape the future of civilization.


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“This is rollicking, knock-it-out-of-the-park sci-fi, an adventure that sizzles across the stars. It’s the kind of writing that stands comparison to Larry Niven or Greg Bear – and would be a great read for fans of the Expanse series.” – Stephen Hunt, Author/Publisher AlteredInstinct.com


“Nobody does hard science fiction with the precision and detail of this masterful author. And nobody will delight you more with a blend of terrestrial and cosmic politics set in multiple complex layers weaving future, technology, and human drama… My only complaint is that the book is hard to put down.” – Dr. Victor Acquista, Author: Sentient


 “… a gripping blend of mystery and deep-space horror, dark political intrigue and thrilling scientific discovery.” – Leland Lydecker, Author: Necrotic City


Author Comments


Legacy of Pandora was intended to be a background short story for the Wings of Earth novels but as I developed the future history of humanity in the Solar System, a really deep culture started to evolve in my thinking. I realized that in order to get from here to there, I needed to bridge a lot of human evolution and some critical steps in the process.


There is a backstory, culturally speaking, to where this novel takes off and I bring elements of it into the story as it goes along. I set this tale in the solar system after humanity has realized that the earth is heading for a total environmental collapse. In a Herculean effort to survive, the governments of the world (as we know them now) have finally come together and started spreading out across the solar system. At first the challenges of surviving on the inhospitable rocks of Mars and the asteroids make it essential that we all pull together, but eventually the tasks get easier and we fall back to our familiar patterns …


As an additional thought here: I  wrote this story with an intent to emulate the story telling of one of the greats of SF, Arthur C. Clarke. I hope I managed to capture some of his feel in how I told the tale of the crew of the Jakob Waltz, and their discovery of something much greater than they ever expected to find on the edge of the Kuiper Belt.


There is a lot of science here, but I think I managed to find the sense of wonder that I so enjoyed in Clarke’s story telling.


Let me know if I succeeded and what you think by dropping me a comment.


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