Stranger Bedfellows

Wings of Earth: Five

The enemy of an enemy …

Is still not a friend.

Recovering from a telepathic accident that altered his brain, Captain Ethan Walker takes time off, but his vacation in paradise rapidly becomes a real-life nightmare. When a former enemy tells him another colony is missing, Walker and his crew find their only opportunity to learn more is an alliance with a pirate captain who once tried to kill them.

Hoping to uncover information about the destruction of the second Coalition colony, they make a risky deal with Captain Jetaar for use of one of his stealth ships.

Unfortunately, when they arrive at the Tamilis system in a pirate cruiser, they must evade two FleetCom Multicruisers and the ominous Tahrat Shan Che to find their answers.

Only after they return to Jetaar’s base, does Ethan realize the actual cost of discovering the truth. His arrangement with the Pirate Lord has only has one way out, and Walker and his crew must risk everything to keep from giving him what may be the ultimate weapon.

Access to the technologies of an ancient Tacra Un Archive.

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$3.99 Kindle / $12.95 Paperback



“MORE! Please! … I binge read these first 5 in this series as well as the 3 prequels. Amazing! Well done! As soon as there are more available, I will be reading those too. Keep ’em coming … “


“And a great space opera keeps getting better… the plot thickens, the characters grow on you, you realize you’re reading one very good space opera.”


Author Comments


This book was a lot of fun to write. The characters were well established in my mind and I could see and hear their dialog easily as I wrote.


Interestingly, I also had a chance to think about the deeper motivations of the characters, especially Ethan Walker’s. He’s had his world dumped on it’s ass, and even though he’s reeling from what happened in Beyond the Edge, he’s still trying to figure out what’s going on around him, and why he’s in the center of the chaos. To me as a writer this was a wonderful opportunity to shine the light into the flawed nature of who my characters really are.


As I thought about how I wanted to tell this story, I realized it was time to give the arc a bit of a change-up and the opportunity to explore Ethan’s moral compass by positioning it against a familiar backdrop was important. He might be trying to heal, but the reality of the world around him is that things keep happening, even if he wants to take a minute and just breathe. I think that gave the story a sense of reality because, in spite of our desires, that’s how life really works.


I also like how that ‘nearly crushed beginning’ gives a solid launch pad for a change in direction for the crew. They do get to take off on a new adventure as this time they’re trying to get answers to the mystery that started in Echoes of Starlight. Unfortunately for them, the price they have to pay to get those answers, brings many of the threads that I have spun so far into a seriously tangled knot.


Ethan and the others find themselves charging headlong toward a hard landing, and this time there is only one way out. And it’s a way that changes them forever.


I love how I ended this book, possibly more than any I have written before. It leaves most of the characters fundamentally in a different place, and it answers the immediate questions, while also setting up the next five-book “season” for an even bigger adventure. I personally hate cliff hangers, so I really didn’t leave it at one, but it definitely had me looking forward to the next stories, since change is good for the creativity.


Let me know what you think of how I tied things up, and any ideas as to where you think they will go from here… Also feel free to leave me some love in the form of a review for this book or for the Wings of Earth Season One Box Set (Since you made it this far either one would be great!).


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