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Book One: Echoes of Starlight

One hundred thousand colonists can’t disappear.

No bodies. No evidence of an attack. Just gone.

On what should have been a routine cargo run to the far edge of the Coalition, Captain Ethan Walker is carrying a payload of medical technology and two passengers returning home to Starlight Colony. When they arrive, they discover that everyone on the planet is missing.

The company he works for wants him to leave immediately, but he’s obligated to report to FleetCom that the entire population has vanished. Captain MacKenna of the Magellan, tells him to stay put until they can arrive to begin an official investigation.

Caught between his legal responsibilities and the need to know what happened, Walker has to resist increasing pressure to defy orders. Unfortunately, his passengers make a decision that forces him into doing the one thing he can’t do.

Captain Walker must risk his ship and crew to return to the surface even though it may ultimately cost him everything.

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Book Two: Dust of the Deep

Archaeology is a dirty business.

Out in the Deep, it’s dangerous too.

After almost losing his Shipmaster’s licenses, Captain Ethan Walker takes on three new crewmembers and the first job that will get him back into space. Fortunately, the load pays exceptionally well. When he discovers that the supplies and personnel they’re carrying aren’t the type of payload the Olympus Dawn usually hauls, he realizes he has no other options. They must complete the run regardless of the danger.

Things get worse when Walker makes a one hundred light-year detour to pick up an archaeologist who knows their destination, only to find that someone has kidnapped her. Planetary security is looking for answers.

Answers he doesn’t have.

Before they find out where they’re headed Ethan learns they’ve attracted the attention of the renegade captain Kendrick Jetaar, and that he will stop at nothing to capture their cargo.

Captain Walker must escape the ruthless pirate lord before he and his crew become casualties in a war he didn’t know existed.

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Book Three: Chains of Dawn

It was only a four-day safari.

On a super-earth, covered with a deadly jungle.

Captain Ethan Walker takes what should be an easy run to Watchtower Station in orbit above the inhabited heavy-world of Dawn. A delay in unloading their cargo forces them to layover for several days, and the station’s science director offers them the chance to visit the surface to observe the indigenous culture firsthand.

When a mistake leaves the human outpost on the surface exposed, a hunting party of superhuman Ut’aran natives capture Walker and his crew, and haul them off into the impenetrable jungle.

With the power to their life supporting exosuits dying, they must fight to survive against twice the gravity of earth while the three newest members of his crew try to pull off an impossible rescue mission.

Unfortunately, to escape they have to take on a cargo that puts them well outside the law.

If the Coalition catches them, the best they can hope for is death by hanging.

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Book Four: Beyond the Edge

Fifteen hundred lightyears from home.

What could possibly go wrong?

Captain Ethan Walker wants to be back in space, instead he’s trapped in an endless bureaucratic battle to get his two interstellar freighters hauling cargo. Driven by frustration, he jumps at the chance to take on an epic run that will send his ships a thousand light years beyond the edge of Coalition Space. Hired by a mysterious corporation and its supernaturally beautiful agent, he soon realizes that no one in his world is remotely as they seem.

When a violent terrorist faction targets Walker and his crew before they begin loading their cargo, he uncovers a hidden reality where everything he thought he understood about human civilization is no longer true.

A secret war looms on the horizon and nothing he counted on can be trusted. Not even his own perceptions.

Far beyond the possibility of rescue, a mind-altering turn of events leaves Ethan fighting to save his crew and ships. His only hope of survival lies in trusting his instincts.

And the genetically engineered passengers asleep in his cargo hold.

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Book Five: Stranger Bedfellows

The enemy of an enemy …

Is still not a friend.

Recovering from a telepathic accident that altered his brain, Captain Ethan Walker takes time off, but his vacation in paradise rapidly becomes a real-life nightmare. When a former enemy tells him another colony is missing, Walker and his crew find their only opportunity to learn more is an alliance with a pirate captain who once tried to kill them.

Hoping to uncover information about the destruction of the second Coalition colony, they make a risky deal with Captain Jetaar for use of one of his stealth ships.

Unfortunately, when they arrive at the Tamilis system in a pirate cruiser, they must evade two FleetCom Multicruisers and the ominous Tahrat Shan Che to find their answers.

Only after they return to Jetaar’s base, does Ethan realize the actual cost of discovering the truth. His arrangement with the Pirate Lord has only has one way out, and Walker and his crew must risk everything to keep from giving him what may be the ultimate weapon.

Access to the technologies of an ancient Tacra Un Archive.

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Book Six: Ghost in the Dark

Nobody can go it alone.

Especially living on the other side.

After Captain Ethan Walker captures a seat on the Commonwealth’s Council of Captains, he needs allies. He soon discovers what it means to have enemies on both sides of the law. Digging into an ancient alien archive, he and his crew make repairs and upgrades to the Olympus Dawn. Unfortunately, there’s only so much they can do on their own.

Walker sets out to recruit a scientist with the extraordinary gifts necessary to access the ancient technology. When he attracts unwanted attention, he ends up having to rescue a whole community of genetically augmented humans from the attacks of Red Wall fanatics.

To help them escape, Captain Walker and his crew must push their ship beyond all rational possibility of hope as they fight to survive.

In the end he will discover the exact cost of having friends, even as he realizes that there are forces in the Coalition infinitely more ruthless than anything he has faced before.

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Book Seven: Hope Dies Hard

A ruthless enemy…

A desperate plea for help.

Captain Ethan Walker is learning to accept the reality of his new life as a fugitive renegade. When an unexpected message arrives at their NuProvidence base, it plunges the crew of the Olympus Dawn into a dangerous showdown with a mysterious government group known only as The Management.

The merciless leader of this secret agency will stop at absolutely nothing to shut down Ethan and his followers. She’s willing to step well outside the law… even going as far as abducting innocent people to achieve her goals.

After The Management kidnaps their loved ones, she threatens Walker with an ultimatum: If you ever want to see your families again, you will surrender your ship and crew.

Left with no choice, Captain Walker knows their only hope is to risk the impossible to rescue them.

Alone, they must break into Dziban, the most dangerous prison in all of known space. And then, somehow, get back out.

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Book Eight: Fastest Track

Never hit a political target.

Even Pirates have limits.

Falsely accused of destroying an Institute science vessel, Captain Ethan Walker discovers the attack might be covering something far more sinister. The assassination of one of the Coalition’s most beloved citizens.

Chancellor Chei Lu.

The Commonwealth of Pirates has rules against killing a political icon. Racing to prove his innocence, Ethan must uncover the truth before the Council of Captains demands he pay for his actions.

Fighting to clear his name of murder, Captain Walker and his crew, head to a lawless freeport on the edge of rival pirate territory, only to discover the chancellor may not be dead. With no other option, they must attempt the impossible, and rescue Chancellor Lu.

If they fail, Walker will lose his position in the only group that can give him protection against the Coalition.

But, if they succeed, it will catapult the Commonwealth into a civil war.

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The Complete First Season Box Set (Books 1-5)

The farther from home we get

The darker our universe becomes.

One hundred twenty-five years after discovering the technological legacy left by the ancient Shan Takhu, humanity is growing beyond the Solar System. With the beginning of interstellar exploration, comes the discovery that we are truly not alone.

Ethan Walker is a freighter captain just trying to pay his bills and stay out of trouble. He commands a ship running in the deep systems of the Coalition, but something he doesn’t yet understand, keeps spinning what should be routine cargo missions into dangerous trouble.

Pirates, slavers, terrorists, and genetically enhanced humans all conspire against him as he struggles to do the right thing and keep his ship and crew out of trouble.

Captain Walker doesn’t want to be a hero, but it seems the universe has other plans.

Believable characters, fast paced stories, and enough trouble to keep you turning pages all night.

If you’re the type to binge watch your favorite Sci Fi Series, then you should plan to binge read Wings of Earth: Season One.

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