Hope Dies Hard

Wings of Earth: Seven

A ruthless enemy…

A desperate plea for help.

Captain Ethan Walker is learning to accept the reality of his new life as a fugitive renegade. When an unexpected message arrives at their NuProvidence base, it plunges the crew of the Olympus Dawn into a dangerous showdown with a mysterious government group known only as The Management.

The merciless leader of this secret agency will stop at absolutely nothing to shut down Ethan and his followers. She’s willing to step well outside the law… even going as far as abducting innocent people to achieve her goals.

After The Management kidnaps their loved ones, she threatens Walker with an ultimatum: If you ever want to see your families again, you will surrender your ship and crew.

Left with no choice, Captain Walker knows their only hope is to risk the impossible to rescue them.

Alone, they must break into Dziban, the most dangerous prison in all of known space.

And then, somehow, get back out.

You should grab the next exciting installment of Wings of Earth now and find out exactly why – Hope Dies Hard!


$3.99 Kindle / $12.95 Paperback


Author Comments


This book is the beginning of the turn for Ethan Walker. For those who have been keeping up, he’s reached a point where, as much as he wants to stay on the good side, he’s starting to embrace the inevitable truth that his reality is crumbling, and he might be forced into things he doesn’t want to do… just to survive. When The Management comes at him sidewise, he discovers he has to cross that line and he knows it won’t ever let him rest once he does.


As an author, it’s an interesting experience to challenge the characters in ways that allow me to explore the darkness that they all must have hidden inside. No character, no matter how good they try to be, is all light and happy. It is this other element that they struggle to control that makes them believable. Holding that darkness inside makes them real, and Ethan is finally discovering the depth of what he has kept locked up. He’s starting to come eyeball to eyeball with the things he has denied in himself (and what I have only hinted at in the previous books).


But Ethan isn’t the only character I have explored more deeply in this book.


I really enjoyed expanding some of the other characters’ back stories as I set up the action for this novel, especially the Primm family. Generally Quinn is one of my favorite characters to write because he’s almost an exaggeration of reality, at least outwardly. In spite of this, what makes him feel real to me, is that he’s got some genuine insecurities, and he falls back on the strength of his family and it’s folklore in order to be stronger than he is. Because of this, his siblings and uncles are great supporting characters since they had this nearly legendary feel even before I put them into the fabric of the story. I enjoyed writing them because I already know them from all the strange anecdotes and sayings that Quinn attributes to his “momma.”


Apparently, I’m not the only one who enjoys Quinn’s stories… someone suggested that I write the Primm family adventures as a spin off series of short stories (any suggestions?). The Legend of the Naked Badger Hunter anyone?


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