Dust of the Deep

Wings of Earth: Two

Some runs pay better than others … Especially when there are pirates involved.

After almost losing his Shipmaster’s licenses, Captain Ethan Walker takes on three new crewmembers and the first job that will get him back into space. He realizes en route that the supplies and personnel they’re carrying make the ship a prime target for pirates. It’s too late. He has no option but to complete the run regardless of the danger.

Things get worse for the Olympus Dawn when they make a one hundred light-year detour to pick up an archaeologist who knows their actual destination, only to find that someone has kidnapped her.

While they’re waiting for instructions from the archaeologist who hired them, Walker learns that Captain Kendrick Jetaar will stop at nothing to capture their cargo. Captain Walker must escape the ruthless pirate lord before he and his crew become casualties in a war he didn’t know existed.

Fortunately, the load pays exceptionally well, if only he can survive to collect.

Follow the adventures Captain Walker and his crew in book two of Wings of Earth.


$3.99 Kindle / $12.95 Paperback



“Once again Eric Michael Craig delivers an exciting space adventure filled with drama, action, cunning, and humor. The story is fast-paced, and the characters remind me of other ramshackle space crews trying to earn a living in the black.”


“A man, a ship, and a crew are thrown into the muck that dirties the proverbial fan and are forced to negotiate the narrow path of right and wrong and still get paid.”


Author Comments


I actually introduced two new characters in this story that I enjoy writing a lot (in fact my editor wants me to write some back story shorts about one of them). These new characters replace the ones from Echoes of Starlight and become pivotal as the overarching story progresses through the episodes. (Yes, there is something big coming over the course of the 15 novels in this series, and the mystery of what happened to the Starlight Colony is only the beginning. There are clues in every one of the books. Stay tuned.)


I also started something new and fun with this novel. I hid a couple Easter Eggs in this book for fans of other indie SF authors. In case you don’t know what that is, an Easter Egg is a reference to another author or their work. Let me know if you catch it, and I’ll give you a shout out in an upcoming newsletter!


I’d love hearing feedback on Quinn and Ammo and where you might think they might fit in with where story is going…


By the way, you can also feel free to leave me a review along the way! Who knows, you might find snippets of your own comments immortalized here! Thanks!


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