About Eric

Hi there.

First, I have to say that pic of the guy up on the left top corner of this website is really me. And before you make any comments…

Yes, I am smiling, dammit!

Don’t believe me? I can show you my grumpy face to prove it (but trust me, you don’t want to go there).

The truth is, after raising a bunch of kids, most of my smiles tend to look more like a pained grimace anyway.

I’m actually a nice guy, stuck with a Grinch face, and well, that’s why my pic looks so cheerful.

Now, enough about my smile, and a little bit about the somewhat-odd person behind it. (Or if you’re the type to avoid the long road, you can read my professional bio at the bottom of the page here ).

I assume if you made it past the shortcut above and arrived at this sentence, you’re either A) a masochist, or B) driven for some inexplicable reason to find out something about me that might not be otherwise in my compressed data stream at the bottom of the page. (Hopefully you’re here? If not, then I’m sitting alone in a box talking to myself … like a forlorn version Schrodinger’s cat).

In any case, I’m really here, and I will assume that you’re really there, so I’ll introduce myself.

Most days, I’m a caveman trapped in the real world and wrestling with the future. I’ve been known to stare up at the stars, although, I’m usually not trying to figure out what those points of light are, as much as how to get there

I’ve occasionally camped out in the open spaces between the particles of an atom, and tried to wrap my mind around the idea that there is infinitely more than what’s contained its structure. While trapped in this quantum indeterminacy, I’ve spent years carving sculptures out of the quantum foam, and dancing in the whirlwind of the zero point (Actually, what that means in reality is that I became Director of Research for a private R&D lab in Phoenix, where I experimented with inertial technologies … and other strange things that I never should’ve touched.).

To support my desire to figure out how life and the universe works, I studied electrical engineering, architecture, and physics, but honestly I learned more roaming out on the edge of science, where all the Mad-Max, crazy-inventor types live (not that I would call myself a crazy inventor type, even though I’ve raced a few dust-buggies across the empty wastelands of discovery).

It was my passion for science, and a burning desire to explore the universe that eventually led me to become a Sci Fi writer (and writing is a lot safer than blowing up a plasma containment vessel in an experimental inertial engine … yeah, that was a big OOPS!).

So what does that make me?

I could say I’m just a receptacle for coffee, and while that might be truthful, it might also be the a lack of coffee that keeps me moving. (Where the hell did I leave my coffee cup anyway?!)

Recently, I’ve retired from the real world for the second time and live in the beautiful Manzano Mountains of Central New Mexico. I have a wonderful roommate (who is also my business partner in our publishing company) and a large pack of dogs that are much better behaved than my children ever were. (Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but my dogs are MUCH less… difficult… than my children.)

I have to admit that sometimes I do miss the outside world since I live like a hermit on a mountain top (where the air is thin and cold, and occasionally feels a bit like Mars). Please feel free to drop by my Facebook page to say hello, or to ask me about all those strange things I danced with in the quantum universe.

I don’t bite, even if my pic makes it look like I would. (Well, I don’t bite often, and I HAVE had my shots.)


Oh yeah, and for those who prefer precision over poetical, as promised, here is my short form bio (from my books):

Eric Michael Craig is a Hard Science Fiction writer living in the Manzano Mountains of New Mexico. He is the former Director of Research for a private consulting laboratory in Phoenix, where he experimented with inertial propulsion and power generation technologies.


Fascinated with the “cacophony of humanity,” he dedicated much of his life to observing society and how people relate to each other and the world around them. Ultimately this drove him to write full time.


When not writing, Eric is active in Intentional Community Design, plays guitar and bass, occasionally dabbles in art of various forms, and designs websites. He also owns way too many dogs.


Eric is a founding member of the SciFi Roundtable. The SFRT is an active online group dedicated to supporting indie and traditional authors by networking them with other writers and professional resources.

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