Beyond the Edge

Wings of Earth: Four

Fifteen hundred light-years from home.

What could possibly go wrong.

Captain Ethan Walker wants to be back in space, instead he’s trapped in an endless bureaucratic battle to get his two interstellar freighters hauling cargo. Driven by frustration, he jumps at the chance to take on an epic run that will send his ships a thousand light years beyond the edge of Coalition Space. Hired by a mysterious corporation and its supernaturally beautiful agent, he soon realizes that no one in his world is remotely as they seem.

When a violent terrorist faction targets Walker and his crew before they begin loading their cargo, he uncovers a hidden reality where everything he thought he understood about human civilization is no longer true.

A secret war looms on the horizon and nothing he counted on can be trusted. Not even his own perceptions.

Far beyond the possibility of rescue, a mind-altering turn of events leaves Ethan fighting to save his crew and ships. His only hope of survival lies in trusting his instincts.

And the genetically engineered passengers asleep in his cargo hold.

Now you can read the exciting fourth book of Wings of Earth and learn how far Beyond the Edge the truth really lives.


$3.99 Kindle / $12.95 Paperback



“Absolutely fantastic. This series just keeps getting better and better. If you like good, deep space sci fi with lots of action and tension, you should definitely check this one out.”


“… another thrilling episode with Beyond the Edge. I highly recommend this book (and the entire Wings of Earth series) to anybody who loves science fiction in the vein of Star Trek, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica. The stories are first rate, the larger story arc deftly woven in, and the characters are real and full of hidden depths.”


” … a pulse-pounding science fiction adventure.”


Author Comments


This story is the first one in the Wings of Earth series that really connects in a serious way to the prequel trilogy. I intended for the stories to start hooking into that early history, and I like how that develops in Beyond the Edge. It isn’t essential that a reader has already read the prequels, but the culture that I started exploring in Fulcrum of Odysseus has played out 125 years. This really sets a foundation for the direction the bigger story arc is going.


Because 125 years isn’t that long given the science that underpins these stories, there are actually several characters from the earlier series that are still alive. One of them who started out as a minor player in the prequels, shows up in this book rather extensively.


As a writer, it felt interesting to reconnect with “someone” I knew from an earlier work, and although I know where she is going since I plot everything out in advance, I was a little surprised at how the nuances of her life had changed over the century since I left her behind. Writing character driven stories tends to be a bit like mining details out of what you have written. Seeing what they look like as you shine the light of a new situation on them is an interesting experience.


Beyond the Edge also brings in a couple new adversaries as the story starts to pick up momentum. There are already pirates, and in this book I add terrorists to the mix, but I’m really starting to explore something far more sinister that will chase Ethan Walker across the universe.


Care to guess?


As I’ve grown as a writer, I’ve learned that the strength of a story is proportionate to the strength of the bad guys. So now, I’m starting to give the characters something way more challenging to chew on (or smash into, as the case may be). I think they’re in for a rough time.


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