Echoes of Starlight

Wings of Earth: One

One hundred thousand colonists can’t disappear.

No bodies. No evidence of an attack. Just gone.

On what should have been a routine cargo run to the far edge of the Coalition, Captain Ethan Walker is carrying a payload of medical technology and two passengers returning home to Starlight Colony. When they arrive, they discover that everyone on the planet is missing.

The company he works for wants him to leave immediately, but he’s obligated to report to FleetCom that the entire population has vanished. Captain MacKenna of the Magellan, tells him stay put until they can arrive to begin an official investigation.

Caught between his legal responsibilities and the need to know what happened, Walker has to resist increasing pressure to defy orders. Unfortunately, his passengers make a decision that forces him into doing the one thing he can’t do.

Captain Walker must risk his ship and crew to return to the surface even though it may ultimately cost him everything.

Get the exciting opening book to the new Wings of Earth series.


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“… the events that play out in the book, make for great reading and stand up to the best science fiction out there. Eric Michael Craig has delivered an outstanding character-driven story that pulls you in and makes you care about what happens when ordinary people are forced into extraordinary situations.” – Geoff Habiger, Artemesia Publishing


“Echoes of Starlight is a really fun read and a great launching point into the Wings of Earth series … Craig throws the reader into the cockpit of a modest freighter and lets the main characters reveal themselves through the consequences of their actions. They don’t start wars, but they do annoy superiors and put their jobs in jeopardy.” – Zachry Wheeler, Author of Max and the Multiverse


“This book has a really great space opera feel. It’s there with shades of Star Trek and Farscape, but firmly rooted in a harder sci-fi tradition.  It is very easy to slip into this world and pick up on the setting.” – Alara, Amazon Reader


“Definitely a stay-up-all night, cannot put down book! Make sure you have the whole series. The characters and settings are well written and so very real!” – Steven Riley, Amazon Reader


Author Comments


I developed the concept for this series over 20 years ago, but there were a lot of details that had to get sorted out (which is why the Shan Takhu Legacy trilogy came out first). This is the entry point to the series I wanted to write, but I actually released the prequel beforehand. Since I tend to write harder science fiction, I felt like there were a few things that had to be explained. The “how the hell did we get here?” kind of things.


Although this book, and the rest of Wings of Earth, are Episodic Stories, there is a long back story arc that carries the characters forward for what will be a 15 book series. These will be followed by two more series that each leap forward by several decades but exist in the same universe(s) … Fortunately I write fast and my editor works hard to get the books out there!


Jump in and see where the stories take you, and you can always shoot me comments and suggestions here as you go along. Enjoy!

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