August 6th and 7th ONLY!

Legacy of Pandora – Free on AMAZON – August 6 and August 7

Meet Jephora Cochrane and the crew of the Jakob Waltz.

Nothing in all of human experience could prepare them for the reality of the Shan Takhu.

In the style of The Expanse or Battlestar Galactica,

The Legacy of Pandora is a mystery, wrapped in political sci-fi.

Grab your copy of Legacy of Pandora –  Shan Takhu Legacy: Book One and find out what’s out there.

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Alone beyond the edge of Civilization.

A routine exploration mission explodes into chaos 2.8 billion miles from home and throws Commander Jephora Cochrane and the crew of the prospector ship Jakob Waltz into a crisis that will test their experience to the limit.

After a puzzling message from Fleet Chancellor Roja adds to the confusion, Cochrane isn’t sure who he can trust. Yet somehow, regardless of their hidden secrets, he must push his crew to new levels to save their ship.

Together they make a discovery that will alter the course of history. A secret, buried at the edge of the solar system, which is the key to changing everything.

But only if Humanity can survive until the truth gets out.

Get Legacy of Pandora while it’s FREE and unlock a half billion year old mystery that will shape the future of civilization.

Read the exciting opening novel to the Shan Takhu Legacy and The Wings of Earth now.

What People are saying about Legacy of Pandora:

“This is rollicking, knock-it-out-of-the-park sci-fi, an adventure that sizzles across the stars. It’s the kind of writing that stands comparison to Larry Niven or Greg Bear.”


“Once you think you are beginning to understand what’s going on, plot twists and unexpected developments make you want to rocket through till the end.”


“Craig manages to unfold a riveting drama while tending to the science in a thoughtful and interesting manner. All of his signatures are present, from the gripping power plays to the random pops of comedy. And that ending. Holy crap, that ending.”

Jump on this one while you can.

Legacy of Pandora is FREE TODAY!

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