What’s Next? A Reader Poll

I’m in a bit of a quandary. I love to write, and since I started working on the Wings of Earth books, I have literally had hundreds of stories begging for attention (you should see my notebooks). As a result, I have a crap-load of side stories I want to get out there.

Of course, I’ve got my favorites, but I’ve already pared this list down to the ones I most want to write. I’d really love to hear from you about which ones you’d be most interested in reading next. Let me know what you’d like me to work on, and I’ll start pounding the keys as soon as the coffee kicks in…


    • Primm Family Railroad and Farming Co-Operative: (A Spin-off Series Idea)  
      Building from where Hope Dies Hard ends, this first story would follow the Primm Clan as they work to establish a new homestead on another world… and how they take up the business of helping genetically engineered plussers escape from Coalition oppression. Quintan Primm (and his ‘momma said’ pearls of wisdom) just begs to have his family explored. There are so many interesting characters in his backstory that need to be expanded into their own quirky episodes. I really want to develop the idea that the Primm Family is more than it seems (there are tons of ideas here to play with).
    • Jetaar: The Birth of Darkness: (An Origin Story)
      This novella would tell the story of what happened to drive a gifted propulsion systems engineer to become Captain Jetaar, the cutthroat privateer who established the Tortuga Freeport base. Future stories in this line might explore other pirate mayhem parallel to the main Wings of Earth stories.
    • Two Worlds as One: (A First Contact Story)
      This story would explore a world where the two genders are held in complete isolation from each other by the ruthless dictates of a religious order. When a Coalition Anthropology Team makes first contact with this sibling species, they discover there may be a good reason to let The Order maintain the balance.
    • Between the Devil and the Black: (An Alien Diplomacy Story)
      The Coalition finds itself wedged between two technological civilizations in neighboring star systems. For ten years they have managed to intercede as a  power for peace, unfortunately the population of one of the worlds is split into factions and one of them is uninterested in any armistice. When fanatics are bent on genocide, keeping things from spiraling out of control is almost impossible, even with the technological advantages of one of the best FleetCom Multicruisers in the sector.
    • First Landing: Newfoundland Colony: (A First Colony Story)
      It’s said that a place is never truly yours until you plant a flag on it. And even then, it might not be yours until you understand what you’re up against. No scientific survey will ever disclose everything hidden on a new world. Settlers will always have to make things work, in spite of what they discover. The Devil is always in the unknown details.


So please take a minute and vote for whichever of these ideas you’d like to see me tackle next (you can vote for more than one).  Thanks ever so much.

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Which Story Would You Like to Read Next?
Which Story Would You Like to Read Next?
Which Story Would You Like to Read Next?

And remember to vote… it matters.

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