The Launch Countdown Continues! (and so do the special deals)

Only One More Week to get your special preorder price on Wings of Earth 8: Fastest Track!

On launch day this exciting new installment in the Wings of Earth Universe will go to full price… but you have another week to get it at the prerelease special price of 99 cents!

Act now and get your copy locked down today!

Between the Devil and the Deep, Dark, Black…

Falsely accused of destroying an Institute science vessel, Ethan discovers the attack might be covering something far more sinister. The assassination of Chancellor Chei Lu.

Racing to prove his innocence, Captain Walker and his crew must uncover the truth and clear his name of murder.

If they fail, Walker will lose his position in the Pirate alliance that shields him from the Coalition.

But, if they succeed, it will catapult the Commonwealth into a civil war.

Preorder your copy today and don’t miss out when it goes live on January 31!

Get it on Amazon NOW!

And just because I want to make sure everybody has a chance to catch up …

From January 24th through January 27th, I’m setting the entire Shan Takhu Legacy Prequel Trilogy to 99 cents!

It waits in the darkness.

After crash-landing on the surface of an icy asteroid, an ice prospecting crew discovers an artifact that may hold the answer to stopping a battle threatening to shred civilization. Understanding the power of the ancient Shan Takhu civilization may be the only hope of defeating the warships coming to control the alien technology.

Grab your copies now and discover how eleven unlikely heroes changed the course of history

and opened to door to the stars.

Available on Amazon today!

(This is also a great chance for you to meet Chancellor Chei Lu before he becomes one of the most respected figures in human civilization.)

Thanks, and enjoy the reads!

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