Prometheus and the Dragon

Atlas and the Winds: Book Two

For one to succeed, the other must fail.

Mankind is out of options, and time is running out.

After America’s Hammerthrow fails President Hutton launches Project Prometheus, while the Chinese continue their relentless march to test and deploy their super-warhead.

Even a partial success of either mitigation mission would leave the other unable to defend the earth. Political tension flashes as both sides race to challenge the relentless wheelwork of the universe.

With their array of advanced technologies, Colton Taylor and Stormhaven cannot avoid becoming the final peacekeepers in a shooting war between the two superpowers.

Conflicts explode on the lunar surface while all of humanity hangs on the precipice of doomsday.

Pick up Prometheus and the Dragon, to take a wild ride across an uncharted political landscape, and the unforgiving lunar wasteland.


$3.99 Kindle / $17.95 Paperback



“This book really takes up the gauntlet cast down by the opening book in the series and runs with it – it’s an absolute thrill ride full of hard decisions and harder consequences. More than a few times I cursed at the book as I turned pages filled with moments that bit deep. Then against those there are moments where you punch the air” – Stephen Hunt, Author/Publisher


“… a riveting tale about the consequences of different groups of people – whether they be nations or religions or corporations – being at odds with each other and distrusting of each other, rather than banding together to face a common threat. A sobering read.” – S.E. Sasaki, Author: Welcome to the Madhouse


“This book has insight and insanity, humour and horror, courageous feats and catastrophic fiascos, it shows humanity at its finest and its most feral. And as with all good literature, it turns the mirror back on those who are its readers, challenging them to consider where they would stand or how they would fall.” – E.M. Swift-Hook, Author


“… a masterful tale of unfolding human drama seen through shifting perspectives of individuals, nations, civil and religious institutions … geopolitical, ethnic, and religious forces collide. Craig has a deep understanding of the social and cultural forces and currents coloring the world today. From this palette, a portrait of what the future may hold emerges.” – Victor Acquista, Author: Sentient


Author Comments


As opposed to Stormhaven Rising, with it’s deliberate pacing, Prometheus and the Dragon is far more urgent feeling. This story begins roughly half-way through the twenty-three months that humanity had at the beginning of book one. Plans have unfolded, come apart and unfolded again and humanity is collectively on the ragged edge of desperation. This book is basically a story of what happens when there is no room for error, and mistakes keep happening because of the need to rush.


Prometheus and the Dragon is far more intense than the first book, and is really an exploration of how humanity would survive in spite of itself.


But it is also a story of hope and how it is almost impossible to crush the human spirit. All through the story even as things feel increasingly beyond redemption, there are elements of hope.


As a bit of trivia, the title of my seventh novel in the Wings of Earth series takes it’s name from something I realized when writing this book. Humanity’s greatest strength is that Hope Dies Hard.


One thing I do get an occasional question about is whether there will ever be more books in this series and the answer is no (at this point). Prometheus and the Dragon completes the story… but… I do have a concept for another couple novels that would take place several years later and in the same universe, but since they are also a stand alone tale they really wouldn’t be part of this series.


Maybe someday I’ll write those stories (depending on how many people ask for them), but in my mind, this book completes the story of Stormhaven and the Asteroid Antu.


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