Atlas and the Winds

The Complete Series

Mankind is out of options, and time is running out.

Colton Taylor is an eccentric industrialist whose corporate empire of Stormhaven spans the world with a vast array of manufacturing and technological holdings. With operations in robotics and the ultra-high tech of a dozen fields, Taylor has cultivated a think-tank community unrivaled anywhere on Earth.

When an astronomer working under a grant from Stormhaven makes a terrifying discovery, Taylor and his technological empire find themselves locked into a collision course with the US Government.

Forcing their way into the arena of international politics, Taylor struggles to leverage the corporate might of Stormhaven into a position to give civilization any hope of survival against an almost inevitable global catastrophe.

Conflicts explode on Earth and the lunar surface, yet somehow, Taylor and Stormhaven must rise above the chaos and find a way to keep the peace as all of civilization descends toward the abyss.

Together they must find a way to survive as humanity hangs on the precipice of doomsday.

An end of the world epic with real science to back it up.


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“Atlas and the Winds is a deft end-of-the-world saga that is stuffed with gripping action, political upheaval, and heartbreaking realness. In the end, you cannot help but place yourself inside the scenario and wonder if you would do anything different.” – Zachry Wheeler, Author: The Immortal Wake


“… it’s a rare writer that can breathe new life into the “killer asteroid” premise and make it believable. (This story) offers that and much more to potential readers: relatable characters, tension, brisk pacing, political machinations, advanced technology, and a sprinkling of gut-wrenching disasters. The tense and at times disastrous narrative that evolves is equal parts grim and inspiring.” – Leland Lydecker, Author: Necrotic City


Author Comments


As I said elsewhere on this site, the two books that are the Atlas and the Winds Box Set were originally one massive story. Now in this format you can read it as it was originally intended. Based on reader feedback I’ve gotten over the years since I published the re-edited versions, this is how most people tend to read them anyway.


This story is easily over 300,000 words (more than most trilogies) so you should expect to settle in to a comfy chair and, if you react like most people, prepare to be uncomfortable for a fair while. These stories will hurl a person against the rails with more than a few turnarounds as the plot develops.


They are harder-edged science fiction so it does play humanity against the cold reality of an unforgiving universe. The science isn’t in your face though, its a backdrop and the terrain that the plot travels through. Of course, that always makes for a bumpy ride.


Another comment I get from readers is that these stories tend to keep a person up at night, at first turning pages furiously toward the end, and then wondering if this story isn’t dangerously close to the world we live in. Though I do have to admit that both of these results were my objectives when I wrote this story. So, when I hear that, I usually just nod and grin.


Mission accomplished.


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