Wings of Earth – Season One

The Complete First Season Box Set

The farther from home we get

The darker our universe becomes.

One hundred twenty-five years after discovering the technological legacy left by the ancient Shan Takhu, humanity is growing beyond the Solar System. With the beginning of interstellar exploration, comes the discovery that we are truly not alone.

Ethan Walker is a freighter captain just trying to pay his bills and stay out of trouble. He commands a ship running in the deep systems of the Coalition, but something he doesn’t yet understand, keeps spinning what should be routine cargo missions into dangerous trouble.

Pirates, slavers, terrorists, and genetically enhanced humans all conspire against him as he struggles to do the right thing and keep his ship and crew out of trouble.

Captain Walker doesn’t want to be a hero, but it seems the universe has other plans.

If you’re the type to binge watch your favorite Sci Fi Series, then you should plan to binge read Wings of Earth: Season One.

Believable characters, fast paced stories, and enough trouble to keep you turning pages all night.


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Author Comments


When I started developing this series I knew right from the start that it was going to be fifteen books. All fifteen novels are individual episodes, but together they create an overarching back story that takes the characters (and the reader) far beyond what they suspect is coming.


To tell this larger main story I have basically divided the series into three “seasons” of five books each. These seasons carry the main characters forward toward the big answers that elude them, but each season also ends with a turning point for the characters  (not a cliff-hanger … I hate those).


My hope is that when a reader reaches the end of the fifth book, they’ll be at a resolution to the previous stories, but they will also be attached enough to the characters that they’ll want to jump into the new adventures of the next season (and so far, my evil plan seems to be working nicely).


In Wings of Earth – Season One, the truth about what stinks in the Coalition is far from obvious, but Ethan Walker is starting to suspect that there’s something much bigger than they know dragging them sidewise into trouble. At the end of this season, he’s just managed to get to a place where he can start finding answers on his own. But he’s still not even sure what questions he should be asking (that comes next season).


Yes, many of the questions are answered, but the possibilities ahead of them are limitless, and it is the potential of discovery that drives the story forward.


Season Two starts with substantially different resources for Ethan Walker and his people (which is why I broke the season at this point), but you’ll have to read Wings of Earth – Season One to find out how they get there.

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