Shan Takhu Legacy

The Complete Series PLUS a bonus short story.

It waits in the darkness.

Beyond Neptune, a routine prospecting mission explodes into chaos and throws Commander Jephora Cochrane and his crew into a crisis that will test their experience to the limit.

After crash-landing on the surface of an icy asteroid Cochrane’s crew discovers an ancient artifact that may hold the key to stopping a battle destined to shred civilization. Yet an attempt to rescue the crew of the Jakob Waltz brings civil war to the edge of the Solar System, and catches Commander Cochrane between an emerging authoritarian regime and a desperate fleet of resistance forces.

Understanding the power of the ancient Shan Takhu technology may be the only hope for the future of humanity, but first Cochrane must defeat the warships that will stop at nothing to control the power of the alien structure they’ve discovered.

With no choices left, they have to keep the exploding war from burying the Legacy of the Shan Takhu back into the ice from which it came.

Come along on the journey and discover how eleven unlikely heroes will have the strength to change the destiny of humanity.

Read the complete trilogy of the Shan Takhu Legacy and enjoy a special vignette published for the first time in this set.


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“A riveting drama unfolds that leads to one of the most jaw-dropping endings that I have read for quite some time. Eric Michael Craig weaves this reveal into a must-read series that shines within the hard science fiction genre … clear your weekend, because you will need to know what happens next.” – Zachry Wheeler: Science Fiction Novelist


“… a genuinely good read. It will appeal to people who read a broad spectrum of genres from hard sci-fi purists, through action-adventure book lovers, to those who like a damned good mystery, and those who enjoy nail-biting political thrillers. It’s all there in one volume.” E.M. Swift-Hook, Author


” I found the characters to be strong and compelling, and the plot well-thought out and complex enough to keep even the most well-read reader guessing until the very end. Whether you enjoy the high stakes drama provided by political intrigue, or the heart-pumping adventure of mystery and adventure you will find both …” Geoff Habiger, Author/Publisher


Author Comments


This series is the prequel to my ongoing Wings of Earth novels. I actually wrote the prequel first, even though I conceived of the other series well before I planned these books out. I realized in working on the other stories that I needed to have a bridge between the humanity and science we all know now, and the point in the future when we begin to reach beyond the solar system. It’s really not ESSENTIAL that these books be read first, but for someone who starts into Wings of Earth, there are a few references to historical events that these novels flesh out. Eventually someone who reads the other series will probably want to know more… so here it is.


We all know the universe of Star Trek, but I’ve always been fascinated by the period of time between here and there. These books address that period of time. They tell the story of humanity after it has climbed out of the ecological disasters of the Earth and before we have learned to reach the stars.


I tried to base these stories solidly on contemporary society and human nature and extrapolate it a few hundred years into the future. Humanity has to cut it’s teeth on the hard rocks of the Solar System before it can grow wings.


To some, these stories might feel a lot like some of the classic stories of Sci Fi (probably because Clarke and Heinlein were my influences in my early reading days). I, like Clarke, stayed true to the science as we understand it (I’ve been accused of being a hard Sci-Fi author), although as the story progresses it becomes rather obvious that there is still a lot for humanity to learn about how the universe really works.


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