Two Days Only!

Echoes of Starlight – Free on AMAZON – July 22 and July 23

Being a hero happens when a person is trying to do the right thing. And it’s always HARD.

Now’s your chance to do the right thing, while it’s EASY!

You can be a Hero (or at least read about one).

You can grab Wings of Earth: One – Echoes of Starlight while it’s really easy.

It’s FREE!

One hundred thousand colonists can’t disappear.

No bodies. No evidence of an attack. Just gone.

On what should have been a routine cargo run to the far edge of the Coalition, Captain Ethan Walker is carrying a payload of medical technology and two passengers returning home to Starlight Colony. When they arrive, they discover that everyone on the planet is missing.

The company he works for wants him to leave immediately, but he’s obligated to report to FleetCom that the entire population has vanished. Captain MacKenna of the Magellan, tells him stay put until they can arrive to begin an official investigation.

Caught between his legal responsibilities and the need to know what happened, Walker has to resist increasing pressure to defy orders. Unfortunately, his passengers make a decision that forces him into doing the one thing he can’t do.

Captain Walker must risk his ship and crew to return to the surface even though it may ultimately cost him everything.

Make sure you snag your copy of Echoes of Starlight, the exciting opening book to the Wings of Earth series while its FREE!

What people are saying about Echoes of Starlight:

“This book has a really great space opera feel. It’s there with shades of Star Trek and Farscape, but firmly rooted in a harder sci-fi tradition.  It is very easy to slip into this world …”


“Definitely a stay-up-all night, cannot put down book!”


“The events that play out in the book, make for great reading and stand up to the best science fiction out there.”

(Don’t let this one get past you!

Echoes of Starlight is FREE TODAY!)

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