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Wings of Earth

Captain Ethan Walker will always try to do the right thing, even when it might cost him everything. He doesn’t want to be a hero, but something he doesn’t yet understand, keeps spinning what should be routine cargo missions into dangerous trouble.

One hundred twenty-five years after discovering the technological legacy left to us by the ancient Shan Takhu, humanity has finally developed the ability to travel beyond our own home system. Unfortunately the farther from home we travel, the darker it becomes.

This ongoing 15-novel series, follows after the Shan Takhu Legacy and shares a common universe (although it is not necessary to have read the prequels in order to follow this episodic-style series). 

Shan Takhu Legacy

Beyond Neptune, a routine prospecting mission explodes into chaos when Commander Jephora Cochrane and his crew make a discovery that will test their experience to the limit, and threatens to throw all of human civilization into an interplanetary war.

Set almost 200 years after humanity realizes that the Earth will soon be unable to support human life, the remains of civilization cling to the rocks trying to eke out a subsistence living. Trapped in the bottle of our Solar System by the sheer immensity of the universe, the Human Union struggles to keep life moving forward, even as our old habits begin to tear us apart again.

The Shan Takhu Legacy trilogy creates the foundation for the ever expanding universe explored in the Wings of Earth series, and what lies beyond.

Atlas and the Winds

When an eccentric industrialist finds himself locked into a collision course with the US government, he will stop at nothing as he tries to save humanity from destruction. Those people that have ever faced his determination, know that “Smart money never bets against Colton Taylor.”

Built in a realistic world of near future possibilities, Atlas and the Winds explores the realities of how our political and scientific understanding could be stretched to the breaking point, as factionalism struggles for dominance with the need to survive. These stories shine a light into the darker corners of who we are, versus who we hope to be. In the end, it comes down to the fact that some secrets are just too big to keep.

Stormhaven Rising and Prometheus and the Dragon are a hard sci-fi/political thriller wrapped inside a terrifyingly plausible end of the world story … with real science to back it up.

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