9-3-2020 Newsletter – A Drive-by Squashing? Yeah, it’s a thing.

Greetings from Mars.

Or not… it’s actually been a lot warmer outside than normal (in the upper seventies this week).

Lots going on around here as we are harvesting a crap ton of produce from our garden (that is a real unit of measure… like a buttload, but much bigger). At this point we’re considering starting to do drive by squashings… where we see a neighbor’s car with the windows down and drop a bag of squash in on the seat then run away. (Okay, don’t judge… the nearest village is a small town, people do leave their windows down, and stranger things have been known to happen.)

Anyway, I’ve been writing like a fiend for the last few weeks, so you should be seeing a lot of new novels in the Wings of Earth Series start to drop over the next several months. And while I’m talking about WoE, I put up a chapter from a new novella in that Universe on my blog. You can check it out below and maybe give me some feedback …

For those of you who haven’t read the prequel trilogy to Wings of Earth (The Shan Takhu Legacy) the box set is currently on a countdown deal on Amazon and you can pick it up for 99 CENTS (until September 7th… jump on it now!).

So, I need to get back to wording and will talk to you soon.

Dream well, stay safe and remember not to leave your windows down in a small town… unless you like random zucchini deposits in your car (oh, that sounds bad).

I need a favor

This is the first chapter from my upcoming novella, Scatter the Winds. It’s a stand alone story in the Wings of Earth Universe, and is set between the end of the Shan Takhu Legacy and the beginning of Echoes of Starlight. This story should be a great entry point to both series whether or not you’ve read either of them.

I will be publishing Scatter the Winds in late September and it will go out FOR FREE to my VIP subscribers before it’s available anywhere else (you can sign up to be a VIP here).

Please give it a read and send me your feedback.



Chapter One

“All hands report to stations. Code Red. This is not a drill. ExO and Payload Steward report to Operations. All hands report to stations. Code Red.” Captain Valleri’s voice echoed across the mess hall.

“What’s a Code Red?” asked Kylla Torrance, jumping up to follow the ExO out past stunned crew and passengers, who scrambled down the hallway as if demons were chewing on their heels.

Code Red? That can’t be good.

The ExO hurled herself down the corridor, “Raiders,” she hissed over her shoulder.

Tall, and built like an overly engineered wall of muscle, Ayanna Santore moved with surprising agility, rebounding off a bulkhead as she took the stairs, three at a time to reach the Operations Center five flights above the Commons. By the time the two women leapt out onto the deck, Ayanna was a dozen strides ahead of Kylla.

The floor plating lurched upward as the main drive cut out and they were back in normal space. Even with her limited experience in interstellar spaceflight, Kylla recognized the feel of the field collapsing.

That obviously wasn’t a normal drop into sub-light.

Here’s something else for you to read

This book is from an author colleague of mine. It looks really good but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Britain cut itself off for years. Now it’s colonising alien worlds… illegally.

The year is 2075. Britain has isolated itself from the other nations of planet Earth for decades. But now a first attempt at illegally colonising a forbidden alien world has gone horribly wrong, threatening to ignite an interstellar war.

When Harper Mulgrew and her fellow survivors discover a terrifying message in the sand of Proxima B, they must defend themselves from hostile natives and a traitor within as they struggle to establish Britain’s presence in a new star system.

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