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On the Run and Betrayed

Kylla Torrance leads a mission to establish a sanctuary where genetically engineered Augments can live in peace, beyond the reach of the Shan Takhu Institute.

She knows the truth about the Institute’s ominous plans to control the ancient alien technologies left behind in the Solar System, and that only engineered humans can fully access their potential.

People like her. And her team.

When someone on the Agamemnon sells her out to pirates, Kylla’s plans spin into chaos. Worse yet, a telepathic slave hunter seeks to crush the threat she represents to the Institute’s hold on power.

With the help of a mutinous officer, Kylla has one chance to give her people hope for a future, but to succeed they must disappear into the deep.

Grab this exciting Wings of Earth standalone novella now!

What people are saying about Scatter the Winds:


I loved this book! It explains so much. 
“If you’ve read the series, you’ll love this book. If you haven’t, you’ll want to after reading this one.”

A fun read! 
“Action, intrigue, genetic engineering, and space pirates! I loved it!”


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