Now, there’s something you don’t see an author say every day.

Actually I would love you to buy my book, but I’d rather give it to you for free… No kidding.


It’s been a gawdawful busy couple weeks around here (in case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted anything for a while). There’s a lot more to being an author than just telling stories, and even though I have an amazing Personal Assistant (Ducky, take a bow), we’ve been tweaking a lot of things under the hood so to speak.

I finally managed to come up for air, but that means I’ve kinda shoved Ducky under, since that’s the way stink flows in my world. Fortunately, Ducky is a bona fide superhero, and everything I dump on her rolls off her back… she always comes floating back to the top.

Anyway, before I start into my next novel, I figured I’d give everybody a chance to read my latest story. For Free.

Wings of Earth – Scatter the Winds is on sale now over on Amazon (well, preorder actually), BUT WAIT… if you aren’t already on my VIP Flight Crew, you should sign up RIGHT NOW, because everybody who’s part of the Flight Crew gets it for FREE on October 5th. That’s 10 days before it goes live.

Yep, really.

Of course, if you were already getting my regular newsletter, you probably knew that… unless you were sleeping. And if you aren’t at least on my newsletter list, WHY THE HELL NOT?


Here’s the new cover for Scatter the Winds!

(Everybody go … oooooh, aaaah, pretty.)

This cover is by the fantastic artist, Dex Craig. (You can check out some of his art and music here.) He’s a really amazing artist and I’m so excited to have him working with me on my new covers. I’ll let you in on a little secret too… I’ve been trying to get him to do some art for me for-freaking-ever and I am so glad I can finally quit begging (It’s a bit embarrassing at my age, you know?)

It just so happens that Dex is also my brother… in case anyone notices the last name.

What it’s about… (Officially)

On the Run and Betrayed

Kylla Torrance leads a mission to establish a sanctuary where genetically engineered Augments can live in peace, beyond the reach of the Shan Takhu Institute.

She knows the truth about the Institute’s ominous plans to control the ancient alien technologies left behind in the Solar System, and that only engineered humans can fully access their potential.

People like her. And her team.

When someone on the Agamemnon sells her out to pirates, Kylla’s plans spin into chaos. Worse yet, a telepathic slave hunter seeks to crush the threat she represents to the Institute’s hold on power.

With the help of a mutinous officer, Kylla has one chance to give her people hope for a future, but to succeed they must disappear into the deep.

About the story… (A little extra)

Scatter the Winds is a standalone story, which means you don’t have to have read any of the other books in the series to enjoy the ride. It deals with a different set of characters than my main line Wings of Earth tales although if you have read either of my other series, you will recognize some faces and it will fill in some blanks.

It takes place several years before Ethan Walker takes command of the Olympus Dawn and deals pretty heavily with the genetically engineered plussers that were introduced in Fulcrum of Odysseus from the prequel Shan Takhu books.

If you’ve had questions about how we got from A to B, this is a piece of the puzzle you’ll need to pick up.

Oh, and finally just so you understand, I call this a novella because it’s a fairly quick read, but honestly it’s right at that line where some authors would call it a novel. In either case, how can you go wrong?

You’re sure to get your money’s worth.

Especially since it’s free if you join the my Flight Crew before the 5th of October!

Click the Big Red Button and Join the Flight Crew today!

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You KNOW you want to.



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