The Countdown has Begun!

January 31, 2021

Mark your calendar. That’s the day Wings of Earth 8: Fastest Track goes live!

It will be up for preorder on January 17th, so if you are anxious to get a jump on everyone, you can get your order in early.

AND to make this launch even sweeter, if you preorder your copy…

I’ll give it to you for 99 cents!

That’s right… I’m basically giving away the latest Wings of Earth novel for only 99 cents to everyone who gets their copy early!

Once it goes on sale it will go up to its full price, so this offer is only for people who like to get ahead of the crowd.

But Wait! That’s not all …

In the meantime, and for a limited time only , I’m giving everybody a chance to catch up on any of the Wings of Earth Episodes that they might have missed.

From now until Wings of Earth 8: Fastest Track goes up for preorder, I am reducing the regular price of the entire Wings of Earth Series to 99 cents each.

So now is the time to grab your stories and get into one of the best Space Opera Series going.

(If I do say so myself, and at the risk of sounding like a late-night commercial for a Vegimatic.)

Anyway, check it out and jump on a lot of good reading for cheap!

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