Wings of Earth

A New Era of Discovery Begins

One hundred twenty-five years after discovering the technological legacy left to us by the ancient Shan Takhu, humanity now has the tools to travel beyond our own home system. Earth is truly spreading its wings out into the stars.

Humans have established colonies far beyond the solar system and first contact has been made several times over.

Yet the realization that we are not ALONE in the universe, also means that we are NOT alone … And perhaps we may not be entirely ready for what is hidden in the in the vastness of the deep.

The Wings of Earth is a smart Science Fiction Space Opera series that reads very much like Firefly, if it had been set in a Star Trek universe.

Book One: Echoes of Starlight

One hundred thousand colonists can’t disappear.

No bodies. No evidence of an attack. Just gone.

On what should have been a routine cargo run to the far edge of the Coalition, Captain Ethan Walker is carrying a payload of medical technology and two passengers returning home to Starlight Colony. When they arrive, they discover that everyone on the planet is missing.

The company he works for wants him to leave immediately, but he’s obligated to report to FleetCom that the entire population has vanished. Captain MacKenna of the Magellan, tells him stay put until they can arrive to begin an official investigation.

Caught between his legal responsibilities and the need to know what happened, Walker has to resist increasing pressure to defy orders. Unfortunately, his passengers make a decision that forces him into doing the one thing he can’t do.

Captain Walker must risk his ship and crew to return to the surface even though it may ultimately cost him everything.

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Book Two: Dust of the Deep

Archaeology is a dirty business.

Out in the Deep, it’s dangerous too.

After almost losing his Shipmaster’s licenses, Captain Ethan Walker takes on three new crewmembers and the first job that will get him back into space. Fortunately, the load pays exceptionally well. When he discovers that the supplies and personnel they’re carrying aren’t the type of payload the Olympus Dawn usually hauls, he realizes he has no other options. They must complete the run regardless of the danger.

Things get worse when Walker makes a one hundred light-year detour to pick up an archaeologist who knows their destination, only to find that someone has kidnapped her. Planetary security is looking for answers.

Answers he doesn’t have.

Before they find out where they’re headed Ethan learns they’ve attracted the attention of the renegade captain Kendrick Jetaar, and that he will stop at nothing to capture their cargo.

Captain Walker must escape the ruthless pirate lord before he and his crew become casualties in a war he didn’t know existed.

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Just so everyone knows ... Wings of Earth will stretch at least FIFTEEN books. It is already outlined and I’m hammering away on it on a daily basis.


Here are a list of the upcoming titles to whet your appetite:

3) Chains of Dawn

  • Delivering supplies to a sociology mission on a heavy world, the ship’s doctor soon discovers that things are not as they seem. (Detailed outlining and rough draft)

4) Beyond the Edge

  • A group of renegade genetically engineered humans hire the Olympus Dawn to transport them 800 light years beyond the rim of Coalition Space. (Outlined)

5) Stranger Bedfellows

  • When the Olympus Dawn arrives at a Coalition embassy, it ends up being the target of a terrorist attack. (Outlined)

6) Ghost in the Dark

  • Deep in interstellar space, the crew of the Olympus Dawn discover an ancient ghost ship. (Outlined)

7) Hope Dies Hard

  • Delivering supplies to a space station the Olympus Dawn discovers that a disease has nearly crippled the scientists, and the clue to curing it is on a primitive world where genders are kept separated by a fanatical religious order. (Outlined)

8) Fastest Track

  • Passing near the abandoned Starlight Colony, the Olympus Dawn receives a distress call from an experimental Coalition science vessel. (Outlined)

9) Ashes of Night

  • The Olympus Dawn is in a drydock for routine maintenance, when they get word that another colony has disappeared. (Outlined)

10) Where Gods Weep

  • Captain Walker accepts a contract hauling medical supplies and food to a privateer base that isn’t what it seems. (Outlined)

11) Brute Force

  • The Ship’s doctor discovers that someone in the Coalition is turning heavy-world slaves into soldiers. (Outlined)

12) Fields of Fire

  • The Olympus Dawn gets involved in an emergency evacuation, when a team of archaeologists discover something in the ruins of an ancient world that is infinitely more dangerous than privateers. (Outlined)

13) WinterHome

  • The Olympus Dawn gets caught in political intrigue that runs to the highest levels of the Coalition government, when it takes a job moving a group of Plussers to a new homeworld. (Outlined)

14) Frames of Reference

  • A member of the Olympus Dawn crew ends up accused of a mass murder, but is it true or all a set up for political revenge? (Outlined)

15) Shadows of War

  • An illegal first contact by the Olympus Dawn crew puts them in touch with an agrarian culture that knows the secret of an ancient race more advanced than the Shan Takhu. (Outlined)

And the next series in this universe already has a name … but it might be a spoiler so I’ll keep it a secret for now!

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