Santa Fe Comic Con

Normally when an author tackles a Sci Fi or Comic Convention they are working to get things set up to show off their newest writing progress, sign a few books, and maybe meet a few fans.

But not me.  I’m a bit more insane than that. 

Instead of a table in Artist Alley, I decided to build a full-on portable bookstore. No kidding.  I’ve been working my butt off to not only get my own books and stuff to Santa Fe Comic Con, but I’m also taking a crap ton of my fellow indie author’s books with me.  We’ll have over 25 different titles available!

It’s like a portable version of a Barnes and Noble bookstore … ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration … but it’s still cool.

The framework, before the table covers and drapes were put on. Notice the ghost orbs (actually it’s dust from using the table saw).

Getting this all put together has been a bit challenging (more like crazy). The process started 4 weeks ago with me moving everything out of my living room and dedicating the whole space to construction. Now instead of having a TV and furniture, I have steel framework and tools all over the house.  Needless to say Ducky and the dogs are a but put out at me (well Ducky not so much, but the dogs may never forgive me … especially my old blind one).

Fortunately, after surviving on caffeine and very little sleep, it’s pretty much done now, and I can say I’ve done all the design and fabrication myself (patting myself on the back here). And I think it looks damned nice!

Anyway SFCC is next weekend (October 20-22) so if you happen to be in Santa Fe come on over and see us (we’ll be at booth 110).

You also can take the chance to kick the snoring lump that used to be Eric.

Or  if you’re really not into abusing an author, you can bring me a cup of coffee.

Hope to see you all there.






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