Glossary of General Technology and Acronyms

    AA - Artificially Aware Hybrid Computer Systems

    Artificially Aware Hybrid Computer systems are largely autonomous computer systems that have a sense of 'self' and operate within a limited set of safety protocols. They are existentially dependent upon a specific quantum processor core configuration and do not function as solely code.

    Artificially Intelligent Computer systems are complex code based programs that self modify through advanced learning algorithms, but have no sense of 'self.' Although they can resemble AA systems in how they interact with humans, they do not have a high degree of autonomy in their actions. 


    HCF (Helium Cycle Fusion) Reactor

    Helium Cycle Fusion (HCF) Reactors are the current state of the art in power generation throughout the Union. They are widely scalable and can produce power from a half-gigawatt up to nearly one-terawatt.


    HDA - High Definition Array

    The High Definition Array is an extremely precise multi-spectral sensor assembly.  These devices are usually installed on Science Vessels and Multicruisers and can be widely configured for mission specific requirements. Some of the more sophisticated HDA are used to develop standing wave resonance images of internal structures of objects. These devices can often produce nano-meter resolution at distances of over 1,000 kilometers.


    Keel Class

    Ships operated throughout the Union are classed according to specific mass.  Within each class there is a range of design variation so that any ship within a class may be outfitted for specific duty.

    All ship sizes are rated in Metric Tons (MT):

    • A-class 10-99 MT
    • B-class 100-999 MT
    • C-class 1,000- 9,999 MT
    • D-class 10,000-99,999 MT
    • E-class 100,000 - 999,999 MT
    • F-class 1,000,000 + MT

    Pressure Support Exosuit - PSE

    A PSE (also known as an exosuit) is a wearable piece of technology that allows any person with an Ectomorph Physiology to function in an earth normal (or higher) gravity/acceleration environment.



    Thinpad is the name of a class of electronic hardware used to coordinate personal data management.  Available in a variety of physical configurations, it is a transient personal data hub for an individual, and is usually linked to a person's private data center. Thinpads are so common that most people do not consider them more than a short-term notebook to keep temporary information available to hand, and most individuals possess dozens of these devices.



    The VAT is a local beverage dispenser common throughout all ships and bases throughout the Union. It is used to dispense a variety of non-alcoholic drinks, and functions in both gravity and weightless conditions.


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