What else is there?

Like most writers, there’s a lot more to my stories than ends up in the final draft. Some of these things that didn’t make it may be scenes that disappeared because of revision or space limitations, or thoughts on how something works in the universe.  Regardless, I am including these things here for you to look over if you are interested in the deeper side of my alternate reality.  I also do a lot of character back work and that will show up here too.

By the way some of these things might be story spoilers so I recommend that you read the books first and don’t look ahead … unless curiosity gets the better of you.

Shan Takhu Legacy

Footnotes of History

Shan Takhu Legacy and Wings of Earth are connected series in the same universe but separated by 125 years. There is some material that I’ve created that builds a bridge between them. These vignettes create snapshots of events left by the characters of the first series, to bridge across time and lay foundations for the situations of the second series. (Coming on January 30, 2019)

Wings of Earth:

  • Coming soon (Launching March, 2019)

I’ll be posting a lot of stuff as time goes on and if you have any questions you’d like answered send me an email (eric@ericmichaelcraig.net) or post a comment here and I’ll put my answers here.

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