Redemption of Sisyphus – Special Features

Notice: Spoilers ahead.

If you have not already read the first two books in the Shan Takhu Legacy consider carefully before clicking the links. Specifically, the Miscellaneous Scenes and the Language sections below will have spoiler content in them.

Chances are, if you’re reading Redemption of Sisyphus now and you understand WHY these sections exist, you’re alright … but seriously, if you read this stuff FIRST, you might expose yourself to things you’d rather not see yet.

You’ve been warned.

A quick note from Eric:

This section is evolving daily, so I really recommend you check back often for the latest updates.  There is already a lot of extra content here, but I’m literally making entries several times a day as I organize my notes and convert sketches to digital drawings. I’m working as fast as I can to get them uploaded.

Thanks for your patience and encouragement.  EMC

Special Features

Book Three Special Features

  • Character Background
  • Science and Technology
  • Language Elements (Book Three)
  • Miscellaneous Scenes and Author Commentary

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