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    Jakob Waltz Charter

    Mission Objectives:

    The Jacob Waltz was chartered on 2235.156 as a joint venture between DevCartel and SourceCartel to explore and retrieve Kuiper Belt ice trapped in the Neptune L-4 Trojan Cluster, as well as to assess the viability of retrieving large-mass cometary ice. Long range surveys of the Neptune Trojan clusters indicated these regions contained extremely large concentrations of large-mass cometary ice suitable for harvesting.

    From the Original Charter Proposal Document:

    "Unfortunately, short of establishing a large infrastructure in the Trojan Cluster, existing techniques for ice harvesting in this region are resource prohibitive.  Thus, rather than processing ice in situ, the Jakob Waltz is to be equipped with mountable thruster pods that are designed to be anchored directly to target cometary ice masses. These Thermal Impulse Control Systems (TICS) create vectorable steam jets from the ice mass itself to move the entire object at once.

    "This unique approach will allow large cometary ice bodies over two kilometers in diameter to be migrated intact inward to the water processing center at 107 Camilla in the Cybele Cluster of the main asteroid belt.

    "Thermal mass of the exponentially larger ice bodies reduces loss due to sublimation as they migrate toward the Solar Frost-line (in comparison to the typically smaller ice debris harvested from the Saturn system, which would not survive such a process). Rather than having to shield the ice from loss due to solar radiation inside the hold of a ship, it can be simply taken as an acceptable mass attrition."

    Jakob Waltz Design Parameters:

    Again, from the Original Charter Proposal Document:

    "The relative distance to the L-4 Trojan Cluster means that the Jakob Waltz has to be outfitted with the necessary equipment for a long-duration mission. In this regard, the Waltz will be by no means a typical low-resource expense ice hauler. The crew must have accommodations maintain adequate physical and mental condition, including upper level medical facilities, and life support and food production automation. A larger per person internal volume, essential to maintaining mental health on a long-duration mission, must also provided with individual staterooms with a fully outfitted recreation center and gymnasium in the design.

    "Additionally the ship is to be built around the latest vessel architecture and outfitted with a level seven AA hybrid (To be identified by the moniker "Dutch," as suggested by the historical prospector Jakob Waltz, AKA “The Lost Dutchman”). The AA Hybrid will be fully integrated to the ship through the NavCom grid and should be capable of autonomous control of the vessel in the event that critical crew loss would otherwise render the ship unrecoverable."

    Crew Considerations:

    Ship compliment requirement for standard D-class keel operation (Per FleetCom):

    Minimum Commander Specification: FleetCom Ship Master Class-6 Certification

    • Applicant Selected: Cochrane, Jephora S., CMDR Class -7.
    • Affiliation: FleetCartel (FleetCom Service Ret.)

    Minimum Ship Systems Engineer Specification: FleetCom Ship Engineer Class-5 Certification

    • Applicant Selected: Rocovicz, Petra T.V., SE Class-8.
    • Affiliation: FleetCartel (DevCartel ret.)

    Minimum Pilot Specification: FleetCom Pilot Class -6 License

    • Applicant Selected: Kamoto, Kiro, PL-7.
    • Affiliation: FleetCartel

    Minimum Navigator Specification: FleetCom Astrogation Class-4

    • Applicant Selected: McKeigh, Shona A., Astrogator-6.
    • Affiliation: FleetCartel

    Additional long-duration mission requirement (per WellCartel):

    Minimum Medical Doctor Specification: WellCartel Space Medical Doctor, Surgeon Class-1

    • Applicant Selected: Soresh, Anju SMD/S-3 (with Class-9 Surgical Augment Implant).
    • Affiliation: WellCartel

    Additional Charter specific requirements (per charter negotiation):

    Geophysicist with Structural Specialization DevCartel MS – GP/S

    • Applicant Selected: Cross, Danel, A. PhD Geophysics-structural.
    • Affiliation: SourceCartel

    Minimum HDA Sensor Systems Specialist DevCartel HDA-3SWP

    • Applicant Selected: Donegal, Alyxandria, HAD-3SWP/NMR/SAR.
    • Affiliation: DevCartel

    Minimum Thermonuclear Systems Specialist (application specific certification)

    • Applicant Selected: Lu, Chei R., TSS-i/TICS.
    • Affiliation: Unaligned

    Minimum Heavy Fabrication EVA Specialist (PodPilot Level-4)

    • Applicant Selected: Johansen, Seva PPL-8, EVA-6.
    • Affiliation: DoCartel

    Minimum EVA Operations Technician. (EVA-2)

    • Applicant Selected: Stone, Corin T. EVA-6, Sec Class 5 license.
    • Affiliation: DoCartel 

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