Characters – Legacy of Pandora

    Jephora Cochrane

    Full Name: Jephora Stephen Cochrane

    Current Situation:  Commander Jakob Waltz. Assigned to ice harvesting Neptune L-4 Trojan Cluster.

    Born: 2197.033

    Age: 46 (standard)

    Place of Birth: Juno Commons, Juno (Ectomorph Physiology)

    Education: Galileo Polytech, Galileo. Degree: Engineering Administration.

    Current Affiliation: FleetCartel, SourceCartel

    Career: Entered FleetCom 2218. Retired FleetCom 2238. Applied and accepted to Jakob Waltz Charter (SourceCartel) 2238 Departed Ceres Alpha Shipyard 2239.095

    Physical Description: Like all Ectomorphs, Commander Cochrane is long-boned and thin, standing 2.1 meters tall and with a body mass of 76 kilograms, he has dark skin and short hair with sharp angular features.


    Katryna Roja

    Full Name: Katryna Anne Roja

    Current Situation: Chancellor, FleetCartel

    Born: 2181.210

    Age: 61(standard)

    Place of Birth: Calgary, Alberta, North America (mesomorph physiology)

    Education: Naval Operations Academy, Degree: Command Psychology

    Current Affiliation: FleetCartel

    Career: Entered FleetCom 2199. Elected Chancellor of FleetCom 2221.001, and again in 2231 and 2241.

    Physical Description:  Growing up in a full gravity environment, but having lived most of her life aboard ships, Chancellor Roja does not show her age and maintains a trim and muscular physique. Standing 1.74 meters, she has pale brown eyes and medium-auburn hair


    Petra “Rocky” Rocovicz

    Full Name: Petra Tatiana Viktoriya  “Rocky” Rocovicz

    Current Situation: Chief Engineer, First Officer, Jakob Waltz

    Born: 2205.087

    Age: 38 (standard)

    Place of Birth: Lunagrad East, Tranquility Ridge, Luna (endomorph physiology)

    Education: Lunatech, New Hope City. Degree: Engineering, Ship Systems Integration

    Current Affiliation: FleetCartel, DoCartel

    Career: Enlisted FleetCom 2224. Discharged FleetCom 2228. Entered Lunatech School of Engineering 2228, Joined DoCartel Ship Maintenance Program in 2230 and worked herself into a position of Chief Maintenance Engineer in Saturnian Repair tender fleet. Applied and accepted as Chief Engineer on the Jakob Waltz Charter, Ceres Alpha Shipyard 2237.016.

    Physical Description: Driven and dynamic, Rocky has always maintained an intense physical workout regime.  As an Endomorph, she is not prone to bone loss so she is able to maintain a nearly meso level of development. Standing 1.78 meters, with a muscular body mass of 72 kilograms, she could easily pass for having been born in a heavier gravity environment.  She wears her dark hair short, and her nearly back eyes accentuate her Ukrainian ancestry.


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