Log Entry 4


This entry would fall around Chapter 7(ish). This entry is made by Rocky since things have REALLY changed on the Jakob Waltz. At this event in the original version we were closer to the middle of the story. There will be some notable differences in what she reports from this version and you will notice that she refers to a time and ship day rather than a date… Like I said earlier I tried not to put dates in the story because days can seem confusing in space anyway. (Remember Rocky speaks with an accent.)



Jakob Waltz Command Log:

Attrib: Petra Rocovicz, Engineer. Acting Mission Commander

“Not sure what is shift currently. Have not slept in over a day. Have been negligent in recording official log entry, however practical aspects of restoring and maintaining ship operations have dominated activities.

“On day 1483 at 1657 hours ship time, Jacob Waltz suffered substantial impact. Although initial indication was that cause was object, subsequent events have proven to be indicative of some other type of event. Ship has sustained moderate to severe damage.

“Do not know if mission should be aborted ,and in fact do not know if possible to return home even after completion of repairs.  Have also not issued distress declaration due to risk of bringing another ship into proximity with unknown phenomena.

“All crew members have sustained some form of injury, however those with ectomorph physiology were most affected. Commander, navigator and sensor specialist are all currently unconscious and recovering from critical injuries.

“Doctor advises that Commander has severe concussion and facial fractures and will be confined to med bay for two shifts or more.

“Navigator MacKeigh is in induced coma while doctor prints skeletal components to replace shattered pelvis and legs. Is also undergoing regenerative treatment for damage to spinal cord. Doctor estimates will remain in coma for week or more before is safe to consider reviving. Thus far she has undergone multiple reconstruction procedures.

“Technical Crewmember Donegal is in worst shape. According to doctor, is miracle she lives. Injuries include neck, spine, and multiple cranial fractures. In total, she has fifty-seven broken bones, but doctor did not list these to me. She is also in induced coma and on intensive organ support, but neuro and tissue regeneration cannot begin until skeletal components are manufactured by medical printer. As doctor said, is pointless to repair nervous system if bones cannot protect. It may be extended period before she can return to duty.

“Doctor also has broken shoulder, and is using surgical augmentation arm in place of flesh arm. Controller interface is designed for maximum use of ten hours, and is starting to show indication of buffer-feedback issues to her controller implant. Other crewmembers are assisting her as they can, but as she is only qualified surgeon on board, we may have problem if her implant fails. Considering status of her other patients she has elected to continue duties as long as possible. I may have to order her to stand down.

“Ship has several systems that have been affected by impacts:

“AI processor is damaged or destroyed. Collateral systems to the AI Processor are not functional.

“High Definition Sensor Array is offline and potentially beyond repair. Without Technician Donegal to advise I am unable to further assess this system.

“Standard Long-Range Com is offline, although as of this shift we have restored limited bandwidth capability through secondary datanet. 

“Main Power couplers have been restored. Engine and all HCF Reactors are undamaged.

 “Minor structural damage to several external storage racks.

 “All other systems are functional on secondary datanets.  

“Pilot Kamoto volunteered to remain at station on ConDeck until Commander Cochrane is recovered sufficiently to resume duty. For moment, he is sleeping in seat at console. Until Doctor releases Commander, he is only one on ship who can effectively pilot. As skillset is essential to safety of ship, his presence on station at all times is sensible.

“What hit us is still unknown. Only possible explanation is gravitational shockwave of some type. Acting Science Officer Lu suggested idea as best explanation. Later impacts did follow a predictable pattern of decay in intensity as they progressed. He is theorizing potential co-rotating planetary mass singularities as possible source of waves, but to me this sounds fanciful at best. He is doing further research to see if possible to expand and verify his hypothesis.

“End log entry, and transmit.”

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