Log Entry 3

This Log Entry falls somewhere near Chapter Three. Things were different in the first revision as Chei’s backstory changed a bit and how they discovered his education was much more convoluted.  Also the sensor/navcom diagnostic was a lot more complex process, so there was a lot more time for friction to develop with the crew members.  You might also catch that it was Rocky and Shona that were at odds (They were in the final version too … but it became more interesting to focus some of Rocky’s friction on Alyx by giving her a more important role on the ship as a sensor specialist.


Jakob Waltz Command Log:

Attrib: Jephora Cochrane, CMDR

 “After Danel Cross recommended a field commission for Technical Specialist Chei Lu, I ended up having a soul searching dialog with our chief engineer.  She made it very clear that while she thinks Chei is a first class brain, she doesn’t think he has the necessary chops for an officer commission.  I did point out to her that it will only be an acting position until we get back to Ceres, but she seemed to be more than a little distressed by his potential position. Regardless of her concerns as Executive Officer, Dr. Danel Cross and Dr. Anju Soresh both concur that he is satisfactorily qualified for the position.

“Therefore by the authority of my position as Fleet Ship Commander, effective today, I commission Chei Roderic Lu to the position of Acting Science Officer of the Jakob Waltz. I have instructed Dutch to provide Science Officer Lu with all ship command codes as appropriate to his new duties and responsibilities.

“Four years and suddenly we’re no longer an ice prospecting mission.  What exactly we are is still unknown, as is our exact status.  We received a substantial data transfer from the Core this morning and Danel and Chei have been talking math ever since.  Have no clue what they are thinking on, but it is so far over the rest of our heads that we‘ve all decided to leave them to their own reality.  Maybe when they get done chewing it up, they can translate to English for the rest of us?

“Hopefully Chei and Daniel will come up with something because I feel an undercurrent of something… maybe fear … in the crew.  We’re not tooled to face this kind of problem and it won’t take long before it rips at us around the edges. I can already see it between Rocky and Shona, and I know that Seva has a light trigger even when things are within spec. Must keep them working as far from each other as possible given we’re stuck in a bottle together.

“For the sake of everyone, I ordered a rest period last third, and so when they all hit the deck this morning, they were a bit more like normal. I don’t think Kiro left the ComDeck all night though, so I may have to sit on him to make sure he does some offline today.

“End log, Annotate, Zip and link.”

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