Log Entry 2

This log would actually fall somewhere between Chapter Two and Three. There are some minor inconsistencies between this version and the final. (Anybody catch them?)


Jakob Waltz Command Log:

Attrib: Jephora Cochrane, CMDR

 “Be careful what you wish for, eh? Was only a few hours ago that I was yammering about the doldrums, and now I’m hoping that we can get back to that monotony, and that we’re caught in a spacefaring version of dead air.

“At this point, we’re facing one of two possibilities, either some strange astronomical phenomena has gotten hold of us, or a dozen navigational systems that our lives depend on, have all gone insane simultaneously.

“Remote as that second possibility is, odds are that’s what it is. Nothing else adds up since you cannot make a high G burn for five minutes, and not change trajectory. But that’s exactly what the instruments are saying happened.

 “Based on the assumption that it’s an instrument malfunction, I ordered a ship wide test and recalibration of the NavCom system. We’re looking at twelve to sixteen hours before we know anything. In the meantime I‘ve cancelled further engine cycles until we can be sure that we know exactly where we are.

“The big issue is that the chances of all the systems failing at the same time are impossibly slim and there isn’t a critical failure point where all the systems link. Rocky pointed out that even if there was, why would we get erroneous information rather than no data at all?

“I also have to note in the log that Shona is adamant that this is not a NavCom error. She did point out that the beacons in the belt provide a manual backup to the computerized systems. She says she confirmed everything after the burn to be sure, but I don’t see how she can be right.

“If it turns out it’s not sensors, then we’re going to have to start looking beyond the ship for other possibilities, no matter how improbable. This brings me to the other issue I have. There are only two certified hard science types on the ship; a geophysicist and a medical doctor. Danel is easily the most educated member of the crew, so I set him to the task of figuring out what other possibilities exist.

“When I pressed him about the black hole idea he backed off. He tried to explain something about temporo-spatial contraction around a singularity and how it might affect our perception of location and velocity in a relativistic framework, but he admitted that he was fishing blind and hoping to scare up an idea.

“Until we know for sure what’s going on, I‘ve instructed Dutch to archive and link all shipwide activity back to SourceCartel command. I don’t want to focus on downside potential, but since it’s possible, however remotely, that this is some unexplained astronomical phenomena, I want to make sure there’s a record. I hope that’s just a waste of bandwidth, but at least if there is some future post-mortem investigation, they’ll have a starting point.

“So far we’ve got a lot more questions than answers. I’m hoping that when we get a reply  from Galileo Operations they’ll at least be able to give us a clue as to where we should start looking. We’re on our own for another six hours. Minimum.

“End log. Annotate. Zip and link”

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