Petra “Rocky” Rocovicz

Full Name: Petra Tatiana Viktoriya  “Rocky” Rocovicz

Current Situation: Chief Engineer, First Officer, Jakob Waltz

Born: 2205.087

Age: 38 (standard)

Place of Birth: Lunagrad East, Tranquility Ridge, Luna (endomorph physiology)

Education: Lunatech, New Hope City. Degree: Engineering, Ship Systems Integration

Current Affiliation: FleetCartel, DoCartel

Career: Enlisted FleetCom 2224. Discharged FleetCom 2228. Entered Lunatech School of Engineering 2228, Joined DoCartel Ship Maintenance Program in 2230 and worked herself into a position of Chief Maintenance Engineer in Saturnian Repair tender fleet. Applied and accepted as Chief Engineer on the Jakob Waltz Charter, Ceres Alpha Shipyard 2237.016.

Physical Description: Driven and dynamic, Rocky has always maintained an intense physical workout regime.  As an Endomorph, she is not prone to bone loss so she is able to maintain a nearly meso level of development. Standing 1.78 meters, with a muscular body mass of 72 kilograms, she could easily pass for having been born in a heavier gravity environment.  She wears her dark hair short, and her nearly back eyes accentuate her Ukrainian ancestry.

Notes:  As the oldest child of sixteen in a 3m-6f corporate poly marriage, Rocky left home early, to find her place in the universe, and because she hated living surrounded by so many family members and a continuously competitive environment. She often joked it was to give her siblings a chance at survival.

She joined FleetCom as an means to get away, but found that life on most small space ships is much like the life she left behind.

As the eldest child of the corporate family, she is rightful trustee to the Rocovicz family trust, but she  made it perfectly clear that she has no desire to return to Lunagrad and what she calls the ‘ocean of borscht.’ Before she shipped out on the Jakob Waltz, she signed away her rights and obligations to the family property to her next youngest brother Ivan.

In 2232 she established her own, much more reasonable, limited poly-triad marriage. She and her two co-wives have three children (two daughters and a son).

She took the position as Chief Engineer on the Jakob Waltz because, although she won’t admit it publicly, even the six members of her own family make her feel socially claustrophobic. The ten to eleven year mission to the Neptune L-4 Trojan Cluster will also allow her to bank a substantial income for her children to use for education or to start their own families. She often misses her genetic daughter, but by her own admission, her wives are far more suitable as mothers and she trusts her daughter will grow up loved and happy.

Rocky’s personality is rather abrasive for most people’s comfort, and she has had her share of conflicts as a result.  She is aware of this as a negative aspect of who she is, and she makes a conscious effort to temper herself.  Unfortunately stressful situations tend to force her back into defensiveness, and she often snaps quickly and comes off as condescending and abrupt.

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