Katryna Roja

Full Name: Katryna Anne Roja

Current Situation: Chancellor, FleetCartel

Born: 2181.210

Age: 61(standard)

Place of Birth: Calgary, Alberta, North America (mesomorph physiology)

Education: Naval Operations Academy, Degree: Command Psychology

Current Affiliation: FleetCartel

Career: Entered FleetCom 2199. Elected Chancellor of FleetCom 2221.001, and again in 2231 and 2241.

Physical Description:  Growing up in a full gravity environment, but having lived most of her life aboard ships, Chancellor Roja does not show her age and maintains a trim and muscular physique. Standing 1.74 meters, she has pale brown eyes and medium-auburn hair

Notes:  Katryna was raised by a single father after the death of her mother in the second emergence of the Eskimo Flu. Together they immigrated to LEO Sixteen when she was 10. She had two older sisters and a younger brother that also died of the flu in the same epidemic, but her father left all family mementos behind when he abandoned their home, so she has few memories of her family.  Her father remarried and emigrated to Mars, leaving her at a FleetCom recruiting center in LEO 12. She never heard from him after that, and he died with his wife and Katryna’s half sister in Phobos Landing at the height of the Burroughs Crisis riots.

After joining FleetCom, Katryna focused on her career path and managed to impress most of her commanding officers as she posted to ever more challenging positions aboard hospital ships and emergency transport cruisers. Excelling in stressful situations, she caught the attention of, then Executive Commander, Isao Nakamiru, and he offered her a position aboard the multicruser Constellation.  After several deployments in the Jupiter Gap, he promoted her to his ExO and she spent time under his tutelage mastering fleet management.

When Nakamiru moved up to a staff position over FleetCom Operations at Galileo, he nominated her to take over the captaincy of the Constellation. She remained in that position for two additional deployments in the Saturn System. Her ship and crew provided security enforcement for ice mining operations (Ice piracy was taking hold around Saturn. and the situation threatened to become extremely volatile).

After Admiral Nakamiru promoted to a position over the Tsiolkovsky FleetCom Training Center on Luna, she moved into his former post as Admiral of FleetCom Operations at Galileo. After two years there she received the nomination for FleetCom Chancellor and was elected by a substantial majority. In her last two elections she ran unopposed.

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