Jephora Cochrane

Full Name: Jephora Stephen Cochrane

Current Situation:  Commander Jakob Waltz. Assigned to ice harvesting Neptune L-4 Trojan Cluster.

Born: 2197.033

Age: 46 (standard)

Place of Birth: Juno Commons, Juno (Ectomorph Physiology)

Education: Galileo Polytech, Galileo. Degree: Engineering Administration.

Current Affiliation: FleetCartel, SourceCartel

Career: Entered FleetCom 2218. Retired FleetCom 2238. Applied and accepted to Jakob Waltz Charter (SourceCartel) 2238 Departed Ceres Alpha Shipyard 2239.095

Physical Description: Like all Ectomorphs, Commander Cochrane is long-boned and thin, standing 2.1 meters tall and with a body mass of 76 kilograms, he has dark skin and short hair with sharp angular features.

Notes: Jeph is the middle child of three. His father and grandfather were rock farmers (miners) and his grandfather was one of the first immigrants to Juno after the colony was established. He wanted to be an artist but never had the chance. He left home on his 17th birthday and applied to Galileo Poly.

After completing his first tour in FleetCom he applied to command school at Tsiolkovskiy Fleet Training Center and graduated with honors. After fourteen years of service, he realized that the limitations of his ectomorph physiology would keep him from ever advancing past the rank of ExO/First Officer (which he maintained for the last nine years of his service). Not wanting to post to a fixed base of operations, he chose to retire from Fleet. He resents the prejudice he experienced in his career and the fact that his exemplary service record could not overcome this reality.

After leaving Fleetcom, he applied for, and took command of, the Jakob Waltz. This career choice allowed him to continue working in space (he hates the idea of going home and being a rock farmer). The Jakob Waltz, being a unique vessel and mission gave him the hope that he may leave a mark on history as the first mission to harvest ice from the edge of the Kuiper Belt region of the solar system.

As a career Commander, he has never had time for much in the way of a social life and the Crew of the Waltz is as close to a family as he expects to have.

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