Zone One

Zone One is generally accepted to be the region of space immediately around the Earth/Luna system. It includes everything to an approximate distance of  500,000 kilometers as measured from the center of both bodies. This includes the five Lunar Lagrangian points and any and all facilities within the area.

There is no actual political significance to the Zone One designation other than to be used as a colloquial shorthand to mean the part of space that humans call home.

Included in the area of Zone One:

  • The surface of Earth.
  • The surface of Luna.
  • All of the LEO Stations.
  • All of the Geostations.
  • Lunar Lagrange One (the location of Galileo Station).
  • Lunar Lagrange Two (the location of FleetCartel’s FleetCom L-2 Shipyard).
  • Lunar Lagrange Four and Five (both used as storage transfer positions for SourceCartel operations and have small administrative and maintenance platforms and large caches of raw materials).
  • Lunar Lagrange Three (unoccupied on a full time basis, although it is often the location of moderate duration scientific sensing equipment used by the Earth Terraforming Directorate).
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