Purpose and Jurisdiction of Cartels:


Under the Accords of 2097, the Cartel System was established to administer aspects of Union government and society. These equal branches of government were developed to provide professional level management services and operate at zero profit. They do not functionally resemble the mega-corporations that dominated the earth’s economy and environment prior to the collapse and are not allowed to amass wealth. Any surplus operating capital developed by a Cartel is returned directly to the economy through the Governance Expense Fund and the Joint Allowance Coffers.


FleetCartel is responsible for operating the vast majority of space vessels in the Union.  They do not directly own most of the vessels under their command, but all of the command crews are required to possess FleetCom certifications (Pilot and Ship Engineer at a minimum) and are usually FleetCartel members. Safety certification for ship construction facilities are also under the jurisdiction of FleetCartel.

Additionally FleetCartel maintains training facilities based on the lunar farside at Tsiolkovskiy FleetCom Training Center and provides advanced training for ship crews and their own staff personnel.

Most shipyards in the Union are operated by DoCartel however FleetCartel does operate the Lunar L-2 Shipyard and a maintenance platform at Mimas, Saturn.

FleetCom is the support branch within FleetCartel, and does operate a substantial fleet of Multicruisers. These large scale (E-class keel) ships are multipurpose vessels that are deployed throughout the solar system to provide everything from cargo livery services to emergency response support.


DevCartel is the educational and scientific branch of the Union government. Maintaining all educational services throughout the Union, they operate major universities in Galileo Station, LEO 4 and 16, and in many of the Lunar Colonies.  They also manage the Vesta Science Academy of the Vesta Institute of Technology as the preeminent research center in the Union .

DevCartel is widely respected as the leader in all research endeavors with scientists, engineers and scholars serving in positions through all the other cartels. DevCartel also operates a fleet of special project science vessels that range throughout the solar system. Much of the resource development and discoveries are done by these ships.


Simply put, DoCartel manufactures everything. Operating shipyards throughout the solar system they build over 95% of all space vessels produced. They also manage the repair facilities for the entire space fleet.

Every factory producing goods that are used anywhere in the Union is a DoCartel operation. DoCartel engineers have installed and oversee automated factories in every colony on the moon and all larger asteroids. In fact, the only major base in the Union that does not have a DoCartel manufacturing center is Galileo, and that is strictly because there is no room to put a factory in the massive station.


SourceCartel provides resource extraction and harvesting services throughout the Union. Operating massive materials processing centers in the asteroids and the Saturn System, they provide raw and finished materials to DevCartel facilities everywhere.

The second largest fleet in the Union is managed by SourceCartel, with all Ice Haulers and processing stations directly under their control (actually outnumbering FleetCom in registered charters but not in ship mass/volume).

Food production, water harvesting, and atmospheric reprocessing/life support are all additional aspects of Union society that fall under the jurisdiction of SourceCartel.


WellCartel is the biological and life sciences side of the Union Government.  All medical centers are operated by, and staffed with doctors and biomedical scientists trained in WellCartel medical academies. Within their operation they also maintain the mental health care system.

All biological science research and development falls under the purview of WellCartel.

In addition to running these research labs they also operate mobile medical clinics in hospital ships run jointly with FleetCom.


SocCartel oversees the cultural and social aspects of the Union. All arts and entertainment services fall directly or indirectly under their cultural endowment programs.

SocCartel operates the Deepstar Cruise Lines and a wide range of traveling venues that bring entertainment and cultural experiences to the residents of the Union regardless of how far into the deep-system they reside.

The true purpose of SocCartel is to maintain cultural cohesion as humanity evolves to the various environments that colonies occupy across the solar system.

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