Colorful Metaphors and Slango ( as used in Legacy of Pandora)

Language in common usage is a continuously evolving thing. It has a life of its own, and sometimes that life will find its roots planted in the more base levels of society.

In my writing I tend to not shy away from plain spoken characters or dialog, so people with softer sensibilities might find how my characters speak a bit course. People talk like this in the real world. (OK maybe not exactly like this, but this isn’t a real world … yet.)


Because I have created my own list of colorful metaphors and some casual phrases that are used in my novels, I will leave this list here with little explanation other than to say what starts at the bottom, eventually finds its way to the top of the language tree. EMC


As I have discussed elsewhere, Slango is a pigeon speak that originated in the LEO Colonies and has spread widely throughout the Union. Some of these phrases are fairly genteel, but others are a bit more base.

Scan: To look, or to understand. “Hey pa. Ya scan, no?”  (Mister, you do understand me don’t you?)

Pa: A casual form of mister. “Pa, let me scan that yeastcake.” (Mister, may I please look at that yeastcake?)

Swinging in Spec: Working as intended. “Everything is swinging in spec, boss.” (No problems observed, captain.)

Swinging: Works as a generic verb for motion.

Nojo: No Joke. Usually with a trace of sarcasm. “Nojo, we’re foobed here.”

Nogo: No Good. Also sometimes with sarcasm or exasperation. “Frak me! That’s nogo.”

Don’t be dirty: Disbelief (sarcastic). “Don’t be dirty pa, everything swings for papaercred, ya scan?” (Don’t be silly mister, everything sells for cash. Do you understand?)

Busting my bag: Trying to screw me over or push an unreasonable deal. “Yah sister, it swings, but why ya gotta be busting my bag?”

Eggs: A non gender specified version of testicles. (Often assumed to be carried in the previously mentioned “busted bag.”) Can also be used with additional modifiers. (She’s got titanium eggs.)

Foobed: Screwed up or screwed over. Shortened from the military acronym F.U.B.A.R.  (fucked up beyond all recognition) “Frag! We’re so foobed!”

Frag: Shit

Frak: Fuck

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