Pressure Support Exosuit – PSE

A PSE (also known as an exosuit) is a wearable piece of technology that allows any person with an Ectomorph Physiology to function in an earth normal (or higher) gravity/acceleration environment.

A PSE consists of two principle components: A polymorphic liner and an exoshell.

  • The polymorphic liner is worn over a thinskin garment and encases the wearer in a soft flexible bladder and uses nanoscale sensors and servopumps to monitor and support physiological functions such as blood circulation, respiratory function, etc.
  • The exoshell is a hard structure that encases the wearer and the polymorphic liner in an exoskeleton and uses pneumatic and hydraulic pumps to augment muscle strength and allow movement.

A PSE is designed to be worn for extended periods of time, but the safe level of use is limited by several factors relating to differential support level requirements. The harder the suit has to work to support the wearer, the less time it can be worn without complications.

A PSE can also be worn by Endomorphs and Mesomorphs to provide augmented strength or additional endurance and mobility above standard 1-g acceleration. Additionally the smooth exoshell of a PSE is suitable to be worn under an EVASuit to provide an extra layer of protection and strength in a potentially hostile environment.

Security Variant

Licensed security units are authorized to use a hardened carbon fiber exoshell variant of the standard PSE to provide protection in policing and riot control situations.

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