Saw This on the Day of the Eclipse in Albuquerque

Today was the day of the “Great American Eclipse” and unfortunately I was unable to make the drive to somewhere it was happening (but  maybe in 2024 I’ll make it to Texas to see the next one). It is a bucket list thing for me to see one of these amazing spectacles, so now I know I have to stick around at least another 7 years.

Anyway I was driving in downtown Albuquerque today and I caught this sign.  It was amusing to me, and made me wonder whether or not anyone in NMDOT knew how to read a map (or call a scientist).  Seems to me that unless something moved my fair city hundreds of miles north while I slept, the eclipse was not going to be a traffic stopper here.

Missed it by THAT much!

On top of the sun not going into hiding, the heavy overcast made the whole thing pretty much irrelevant here altogether. We did catch a pic of the sun dancing through the clouds just after we passed the sign, but I really didn’t need to use the headlights except in a show of solidarity with those that were lucky enough to see the real deal.

At least I was there in spirit.

Well Texas, here I come.  (In seven years)

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