I’m Back, but Swamped and Fighting Gators …

Bubonicon was a smashing success.  Met all kinds of really cool people, including Hugo Award winning artist Elizabeth Leggett, and Daniel Abraham … one of the authors of the stories behind The Expanse. I learned bunches from them and got some great advice from people further up the ladder (I also got to hold a real HUGO AWARD in my hands … someday I’ll have one of my own maybe … sigh)

Most importantly, I REALLY  had a great time getting to know all the folks who stopped by the table and gave Zachry and I so much support and encouragement.  Thanks to you all!

But now, I’m back to work, writing and building new webpages for the Sci Fi Roundtable Newsletter/blog and its soon to be formed Convention Co-Op.

I’ll be posting another review of the next couple episodes of Salvation over the weekend so keep an eye out (hopefully feeding the Sarcasmatron won’t suck the rest of the coffee out of me).


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