Atlas and the Winds

Book One

How far will one man go to make sure the truth gets out?

Colton Taylor, a wealthy and eccentric industrialist, finds himself locked into a collision course with the President of the United States as he tries to save humanity from destruction.

Forcing himself into the arena of international politics, Taylor struggles to maneuver the immense corporate empire of Stormhaven into position to give civilization a fighting chance against an almost inevitable global catastrophe.

Staring down the relentless certainty of the Universe, he will risk everything to give the world one final option.

If he cannot succeed, the price of his failure will be no less than the end of life on Earth.

Smart money never bets against Colton Taylor!

Read Stormhaven Rising, and sink your teeth into an asteroid impact story backed up by real science.


Book Two

Mankind is out of options, and time is running out.

After America’s Hammerthrow fails President Hutton launches Project Prometheus, while the Chinese continue their relentless march to test and deploy their super-warhead.

Even a partial success of either mitigation mission would leave the other unable to defend the earth. Political tension flashes as both sides race to challenge the relentless wheelwork of the universe.

With their array of advanced technologies, Colton Taylor and Stormhaven cannot avoid becoming the final peacekeepers in a shooting war between the two superpowers.

Conflicts explode on the lunar surface while all of humanity hangs on the precipice of doomsday.

Pick up Prometheus and the Dragon, and take a wild ride across an uncharted political landscape, as well as the unforgiving lunar wasteland.


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