Open for Business.

The dust has settled for the time being, and there’s a lot of new content up in the Special Features Section of the site (with more still to come).

Unfortunately since I build my own website, I’m playing a bit of catch up with my technology at the moment (you can read about my misadventures in cyber-space here) so some of the updates are still coming.

In the meantime, pick up my books, give them a read and feel free to look around.

You can also drop me any questions or comments (by clicking on the title of the post and then using the form that appears on the bottom of the page). I’ll answer things as quickly as possible (considering I’m still waiting for my clones to arrive … even the Mighty Zon has trouble getting things shipped around the holidays … sigh).

One last note in case you want to dig into the future a bit faster than the universe is expanding…

I’ve intentionally left the sections for Fulcrum of Odysseus and Redemption of Sisyphus unlinked so as to avoid spoilers for those who might be tempted. They will open up on, or around, the day that those two books go live.

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