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Universe building in progress ... Please stand by.

For the last year I have been heads-down on a new project.

Starting January 1st, I will release a new trilogy of science fiction novels, and then a veritable wall of other titles set in the same universe.

As a result of this insane amount of writing, I have been notably absent online ... and so it is time for me to rework this place a bit.

This website will be undergoing a big redesign, and I'll be rolling out changes on an almost daily basis from here until the end of 2018 (and for a long while after that, too).

One of the new things I'm adding, is a section with special features  and behind the scenes content to support the universe I've created. (It's a massive concept that will expand into an episodic series of novels that I will release regularly for at least the next couple years ... did I say I have been heads down and WRITING?)

The Shan Takhu Legacy:

This trilogy is set 220 years in the future and lays the foundation for a much bigger universe of stories that will follow.  Basically, I chose to write the origin stories for a series I've been kicking around for more than 20 years and I needed to flesh out the backstory before I started wandering the stars (I know, it's a crazy idea to write the Prequel first).

Fans of the Expanse will get into these books, as they're a political, hard SciFi, Space Opera, set in the medium-term future Solar System.  They tell the story of a discovery that will alter the trajectory of human civilization forever.

Imagine normal people, working in space, who uncover a secret that will change them in extraordinary ways.

The first of the three novels is available for pre-order on Amazon and the second and third will release every ten days starting on January 1st.

The Wings of Earth:

This second series is set 125 years after the end of the Shan Takhu Legacy and although I can't say much without massive spoilers, lets just say these books will take off and cover a LOT bigger universe. 

These books will be more like Star Trek and will still retain a harder edge of science fiction (like I could write something that isn't at least fundamentally connected to the real universe?!?).

These stories will follow a group of characters (okay, maybe a few groups of characters) much further into the universe.  Each novel is episodic in nature, in that most of them will be one to two book story arcs that don't require that you've read all of them to enjoy any of them ... but of course you can read all of them if you want.

Keep an eye out for these novels starting in late February or early March.  I'll be announcing things here when I kick off The Wings of Earth.

Atlas and the Winds:

Of course, my first two novels are still available and they have spiff new covers. 

I spent a bit of time last year working on a follow up to these books (not sequels as much as a second series in the same world), and although I have the third and fourth stories done for the most part, I have decided not to release them yet (and I know that is going to send at least a couple of my fan's into a tizzy ... but well ... I have my reasons). 

Sometimes you have to say the real world is dark enough, and for those of you who have already read Stormhaven Rising and Prometheus and the Dragon, you will understand when I say, five years later was bound to be a lot tougher for everyone in that universe.

So, the second two book set is on production hold until the real world can support a bit more darkness without collapsing into a singularity.

Check out Stormhaven Rising (or if you've already read it, Prometheus and the Dragon).

Now, back to work for me. Stand back and pardon my dust ...

(the Big Bang is such a messy proposition.)


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