Who Am I

First:  Poetical 

I am a 9th century viking, standing on the bridge of a Starship.  A caveman, looking up at the stars and trying to figure out not what those points of light are, but how to get there.

I have worked in the world of primitive tools, with a desire for the future’s understanding.

I have lived in the open spaces between the particles of an atom, and known that there was infinitely more beyond the orbits of the electrons, than there ever could be contained between them …  and so while trapped within this quantum indeterminacy, to keep my heart beating, I’ve carved sculptures out of the quantum foam, and danced in the whirlwind of the zero point.

I am connected with the past, and the future, and see my existence as a ribbon from what was, through time and space to what will be. I am but one individual thread, in the infinite tapestry of the Universe.

What does that make me?

Second: Philosophical

Why Me?  Uhm, that’s a good question.

I could say I’m just here for the coffee, but to be truthful it might be that a lack of coffee is why I’m here. Who knows, if I had enough coffee, maybe I’d be out in the world doing something physical?

In any case, I’m here and you’re there. (Hopefully you’re there? If not, I’m sitting in a room talking to myself.)

For what it’s worth, I’ve decided to share my somewhat twisted perception of how the world works, and where I think it’s going.

Though before you think this is purely the result of a narcissistic need to feed my ego, I do have a background that uniquely qualifies me as an observer of both the human condition, and the universe in general. For many years I’ve roamed out on the edge of science, where all the Mad-Max, crazy inventor types live (not that I would call myself a crazy inventor type, but I’ve been known to race a few dust-buggies across the empty wastelands of science).

More than once in my wanderings, when I’ve stared into the face of creation I’ve questioned my sanity . Honestly on those days I’ve wondered who the hell it was, that I saw looking back at me.

But always, even that was something that I could figure out … Given enough COFFEE.

Third: Pragmatic

Throughout school, my English teachers told me I should be a writer. Despite their advice, I chose to study electrical engineering, architecture, and physics.  I eventually became Director of Research for IFECT Power Systems in Phoenix, where I studied and experimented with potential inertial technologies. My passion for science, and a burning desire to know how the universe works, led me to continue studying throughout my career.

Fascinated with the cacophony of humanity, I honed my skills as an observer of society and how people relate with things happening in world around them. Yet the siren’s call never let me go, and ultimately I began writing full time.

I now live in the Manzano Mountains of New Mexico, where I am active in Intentional Community Design and Historical Recreation. I play guitar and bass, occasionally dabble in art of various forms, design and maintain my own websites, and own way too many dogs.


Shade-Tree Quantum Mechanic

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